The War Begins


(Blaster shots are flying everywhere as footsoldiers swarm into the ship like locusts)

Footsoldier: You heard the mighty Mass Deletion! Wipe 'm out! Wipe 'm all out!

(A man with brown hair & goggles with 2 blasters takes cover from a volley of shots before returning with his own)

?: I could sure use an escape route here Mac!

(A big bald man is looking at a map of the cruiser)

Mac: I've got one Ernie! There's a docking bay 2 levels below us. If we can make it there we can escape aboard some starfighters.

Ernie: Are you nuts? They've got to have that entire area blocked off by now!

Mac: Yeah, but it's got some powerful defense turrets. If we can turn them on, they should distract the goons long enough for us to get away.

Ernie: Well there's just an entire platoon separating us from the controls. No problem right?

Mac: Not for us. On three we'll rush them. 1…

Ernie: (Runs out into the hall) 3!

(They both attack the footsoldiers with blasts flying & fists slamming)

I should probably explain all this. In case you didn't catch it earlier, my name's Mac & my impetuous friend is Ernie. We've been friends since our childhood. When we hit age 18 we enlisted in the Space Marines to defend the Galaxy. Everything was okay for a while until something went wrong. A powerful supercomputer went haywire & turned on its masters claiming them to be "imperfect." It then built legions of footsoldiers to destroy all imperfect life. The worst part is he's succeeding. Our forces are weakening & soon he will break through. Well I'm kinda busy so I'll go now.

(A bunch of footsoldiers charge as Mac rips out a soldier's fuel line & sprays it at them. Ernie then tosses a small canister at them)

Ernie: Have a blast!

(It explodes, reacting with the fuel to blow them away)


(They run inside as Mac holds the door shut against them)

Mac: Hurry & turn 'm on!

Ernie: Let's see, showers, lights, turrets! Aw man, the access key's gone!

(Suddenly a blue-haired boy's face peers through the darkness)

Boy: What are you doing here?

Ernie: Get out of here kid, this isn't a spectator sport!

(The boy steps out of the darkness, revealing him to have metal arms & legs)

Mac: He's a droid!

Boy: That's right! I'm the AR-T397, & you're caught between me & them!

Ernie: (Points his blasters at him) So what? He doesn't look so tough.

(AR-T397 pushes some buttons on his arm & mechanical arms extend out of a pack on his back before knocking aside Ernie's blasters & warming up ones on their palms)

AR-T397: When you get there, tell 'm Artie sent you!