Assault on the Wicked Computer Pt. 2


(Artie is lying there, bleeding machine oil onto the ground)

Laruto: By the powers of the stars & the fist of King Po, you shall be avenged!

(As the starfighter loops around for another pass she leaps on top of it & heads for the control device when the turret turns to point at her)

Laruto: No. I will not let you take another life!

(She leaps over the shots & grabs onto it, ripping out its circuits & pointing it at the device as it fires uncontrollably, blowing it up & sending the starfighter spiraling out of control towards the sea)

Laruto: (Jumps up off of it) Ernie! Grapple me!

(A grappling hook fires down & she grabs it in her hand & gets pulled back up onto the platform)

Mac: I thought you hated Artie.

Laruto: I did, but we had a saying on my world. "Life is the most precious thing in existence. To give one's own to protect another is the noblest act you can do, & to take one away is to be the biggest load of garbage there is." Now come, if we don't hurry his sacrifice will be in vain.

(They run inside)


(They keep running until they spy a man standing in a room they need to pass through)

Laruto: General Caliban.

Caliban: Hello Laruto. My, my, I'm quite impressed you all made it this far with only one casualty to show for it.

Laruto: Skip the formalities. You & I both know that you're here for one final showdown with me. Now start it.

Caliban: (Slips on a pair of gauntlets) Very well, but if it's all the same to your friends I'd like to settle our feud in private. But just so they have something to do…

(He claps his hands & a Goliath mech crashes down through the ceiling as Laruto chases Caliban down a passageway)


(Laruto chases Caliban onto a platform surrounded by bubbling lava as the bridge swings up)

Laruto: That's it Caliban, no more running. Stand & face me!

Caliban: I was hoping you'd say that. (He pushes a button on one of his gauntlets & they both glow golden) Come & get me!

(Laruto leaps at him & slashes with her claws as he blocks with his gauntlets & neither one has a scratch)

Laruto: Impossible! That should have halved them!

Caliban: Special gauntlets designed for me by Mass Deletion. Your traditional strategies will get you nowhere!

(The fight rages as he easily blocks every attack she makes, & returns with a devastating one of his own! This keeps up until he has her on the edge of oblivion)
Caliban: Into the pit with you! (He raises both of his fists high)

Laruto: Go ahead & destroy me, but a hero is a hydra. Cut off a head & 3 more will spring forth to replace it!

Caliban: Very poetic. Goodbye.

(Just as he's about to bring down his fists he's blown aside by a sonic disruption)

Laruto: By the stars…It can't be…

(Artie's gadget pack is walking into the arena on mechanical spider-legs. An image of Artie appears on a video screen)

Artie: Are you okay?

Laruto: How? I saw you die!

Artie: I managed to upload myself into my gadget pack before my systems went offline. Now let's take this joker down.

(Caliban charges but his gauntlets are hit by an ionic burst from Artie, rendering his hands worthless as Laruto creates a fireball in her hands)

Laruto: Justice has been served. (She throws it into him, blasting him back & causing him to lose his balance & fall into the lava pit)

Artie: So much for taking life making you garbage huh?

Laruto: This was an act of justice, not murder.

(Artie climbs onto her back & they run off to where Ernie & Mac are fighting the Goliath mech)

Ernie: I'm out of shots!

Artie: Aim for the cooling circuitry in his chest compartment!

Mac: Artie? Is that you?

Artie: It's a long story. I'll tell you later.

(Mac ducks under a volley of shots & smashes its chest covering, revealing fat wires inside. He grabs the point where the circuits meet & pulls on it until it snaps, causing it to overheat)

Ernie: Quick! Mass Deletion's got to be down this way!


(They run in to see a supercomputer with an image of a skull on its screen behind a big wheel with symbols on it)

Mass Deletion: Congratulations on making it this far, but you are too late. I give you one chance, join me or die.

Laruto: We go this far to stop you & you expect us to help you? You are one piece of work.

Mass Deletion: Very well. (A skylight opens up as the wheel turns & stops, bringing down starlight onto the mad computer & morphing him into a golem) Now you shall be destroyed by the power of the stars!

(They scatter as he creates a burst of energy in his palm & throws it at them, nuking the spot where they were standing. He then fires a belt of tiny stars & wraps it around Artie's mechanical legs, causing him to fall to the floor)

Mac: (Pinned beneath Deletion's foot) Get off of me!

(He traps Ernie in a cage of starlight before picking up Laruto in his massive hand)

Mass Deletion: How disappointing. I expected you to die harder.

(He squeezes hard, starting to crush her as she says something under her breath)

Mass Deletion: (His grip weakens) What?

Laruto: Oh great stars in the heavens above, punish this unworthy one! Oh great stars in the heavens above, punish this unworthy one!

Mass Deletion: (Sees he's getting sucked into the wheel) No! This doesn't compute!

(The rest of the team joins in)

Team: Oh great stars in the heavens above, punish this unworthy one! Oh great stars in the heavens above, punish this unworthy one!

Mass Deletion: Nooo! (He gets sucked into the wheel & fired into space, where he becomes just another constellation) Oh my beautiful order…

(Droid troopers throughout the universe shut down without their master to guide them as the war ends at last)

Ernie: So where do we go from here? I thought I'd be fighting this war the rest of my life.

Mac: I propose we join together. The universe may be safe now, but it's going to need somebody to defend it. (He sticks his hand out) Anybody else?

Ernie: Hey, how could I say no to my old buddy? (He puts his hand in)

Artie: I still can't tell what my primary function is in this universe…But I like you people. (He sticks a mechanical arm in)

(They all look to Laruto)

Laruto: I no longer know what to do…I've avenged my people & stopped the use of the stars' power by evil…Until I find out what next, I'm coming too! (She sticks a clawed hand in)

Team: One for all!