The basement was cold and damp and was furnished with four beds and a table. The cabinet that had been installed on the wall bulged with food. Not even the thought of not going hungry could cheer Evelyn up though.

George was pacing around the room looking in all the nooks and crannies he could find. He was looking to see whether this place was going to be satisfactory for himself, Evelyn and their best friends Alexander and Millicent Van Del. They were all Jews and they all had to go into hiding.

Evelyn sat down on the bed closest to her and wondered why the Van Del's were not there yet. They were supposed to have arrived at 9am sharp and it was now 9.30am. George and Evelyn had been late themselves, which was a very dangerous thing to do in these times.

It was the year 1942 and George and Evelyn had decided to go into hiding rather than to go work in one of the dreaded labour camps. George had received a call up notice two days ago and Evelyn had received hers just the day before.

Fearing for their lives, but always thinking of others, George had contacted the Van Del's a few weeks before, in hope that they could join them in hiding. They had gratefully accepted and Alexander had helped George find somewhere to go into hiding. Then, miraculously, Alexander had turned up at their house three days before and said that a man he knew that had been supplying another Jewish family with vegetables would be more than happy to take them in and hide them in his basement. And here they were, except without the Van Del's.

Evelyn looked up and realised that George had stopped pacing and was now standing right in front of her. "I am worried" he said. "I am going to go and look and see if I can find Alexander and Millie".

"Oh no George, please don't! It's dangerous out there. You could be caught or worse still shot by one of those awful soldiers patrolling the streets!"

"Don't worry Evelyn, just stay here, I promise I'll come back. But if worse comes to worse, whatever happens stay here. You will be safe here."

"But George….!"

"But nothing Evelyn! Just stay here. If you are worried just lie down and have a sleep." With that George pulled on his coat with a yellow star and strode out of the small basement door.

Evelyn sat staring at the door for a long time before deciding to take up George's suggestion and lie down and have a sleep. It took a while for Evelyn to fall asleep, but finally, listening to the steady beat of the soldiers footfalls on the street above her, she slept.

The trenches were full of thick gluggy mud and the rain was falling hard. They were at the front, but all the soldiers did was sit in thick lumps in the squelching mud while the general barked orders at them. Even the start of heavy bombing all around them did not get the soldiers moving until a bomb landed not fifty feet away from the General, in the trench.

Evelyn could not believe her eyes. What was she doing in a trench? She walked over to the nearest man who seemed to be looking wildly around in the mud for his gun.

"Excuse me sir" she said "but where am I?"

"You're in a bloody trench, at the Front. Where the hell did you think you were mate?" The soldier said this without looking up. "We're in a bloody war you know?"

"Yes but sir…." Finally the man stood up and looked at Evelyn, but at the sight of her he ended up sitting in the mud again.

"You're a woman! What the hell are you doing here? What's a woman doing in the bloody trench?"

The man stared wildly at her for a long time and Evelyn took this opportunity to look at him more closely. She stared deep into his sky blue eyes. She had seen a familiar sparkle in them whilst she had been speaking to him. Then it dawned on her, the war, the trench. This man was her father! It was the year 1915, just before her father had been killed.

It was like a giant light bulb had turned on in her head. Evelyn could see her father, and remember how her father had been killed. A bomb she thought!

"Bomb!" yelled one of the other soldiers. Evelyn did not know what to do, but almost instinctively she pulled her father off the ground and ran down the trench as fast as she could. There was a sudden flash of blinding light and a burning feeling.

"Papa!" yelled Evelyn. "Papa, Papa! Where are you?"

"Papa, Papa! Where are you?"

"Evelyn, Evelyn! Wake up!"


"Evelyn, Evelyn it's me Alexander."

"Alexander? George found you?"

"Yes love; he did, are you all right?"

"I'm fine, just a dream. Where were you?"

"We had to wait for the soldiers to leave our area. There were masses of them, we nearly got seen!"

Evelyn sat up and saw Millie lying on the bed opposite her. George was sitting at the table in the middle of the room obviously deep in thought and brooding about something. She lay back down again and shut her eyes as Alexander went and sat back down at the table with George. The images from her dream swam through her head and she heard screaming, lots of screaming.

Evelyn opened her eyes but the screaming continued. She sat up. Millie was also sitting up on her bed but she was shaking badly. The men were crouched down beside the door with their ears to the wall listening.

Not only was there screaming but there was yelling also, and it was coming closer. There was a loud bang and the door suddenly flew open. Two soldiers were standing there. The one closest to George grabbed him and dragged him over to where Millie was now cowering, sobbing behind her bed head. The soldier was obviously not happy about this and as quick as lightning his gun came out and with 'crack' came down on Millie's head and she went flying across the room unconscious. The soldier smiled a deadly smile, grabbed Millie and strode out of the room dragging George and Millie behind him.

"George!" Yelled Evelyn.

"Shut up girlie!" roared the remaining soldier grinning fiercely and lunging at Evelyn as she dropped off the bed and slid towards Alexander who was still looking in shock at the place Millie had been struck down.

"Gotcha" exclaimed the soldier as he grabbed Evelyn around the neck and, pinning her to the ground, kicked Alexander in the ribs. "Get up!" yelled the soldier. "Come on, get moving!" Alexander inched his way through the door and Evelyn followed.

The soldiers had followed Alexander, George and Millie back to their hideout and as a consequence captured them!