The church's bells are ringing for God knows what reason. It is 11:00 precisely. These bells may appear to be ringing to tell me that we are at the beginning of the hour, but the Enemy use them to invite filth to my picture perfect world. They try to beat me with their fecking little bell. Aye, Joxer O'Connell has been living in Dublin all of his life, and he knows the way that the Enemy works. They move lowly and smell like the shite that they are.

I hear screaming, and cries of pain. or are they cries of joy? Aye, confusion is all around me. The harsh outside world is beginning to destroy my solitude as one emotion melts into another. I have realised that emotion constantly sweeps through the world like a dry infesting wind. I distance myself from the outside world that I once belonged to. The world I once belonged to? I never belonged to such a pitiful thing that these rotten people call society! I remain inside to save myself from Their torment.

Me brother Dougal isn't back yet. He said at 10:32 that he was going out for some milk. It is 11:01, and he still isn't back. That means that it is precisely 29 minutes since he ruddy well left me here! What if the Enemy come? He shouldn't leave me in this fragile state that I am in at the moment. If they turned up, I wouldn't be able to defend myself. Aye, it is all Dougal's fault. If it weren't for him, me ma and pa would still be alive, I bet!

Me ma and Pa died 5 years ago, when I was 24. Aye, I remember that night clearly. It was about 10:33 pm when the police knocked on the door and asked if they could come in. At that time I was only beginning to receive messages about the Enemy. The police told me that me pa was "inhibited with alcohol" when he was driving and drove the car over a cliff. No, no, I know better than those weak excuses for humans. It was. the Enemy that got them. Aye, I have been told that me parents were shot too! When I told those officers that me ma and pa had died cause the Enemy had gotten them, they didn't believe me! Those Devil worshippers! Aye, I know that the Enemy are a product of the Devil. does that mean that the police are controlled by the Devil as well? I wouldn't expect anything more out of those scum!

Ooh! What's that? A knock at the door! It can't be me brother Dougal, cause he wouldn't knock. Maybe it's the Enemy! Come to kill me like they did me pa and ma. I can't fight it anymore. Wait, it looks like a pair of Christians come to talk to me about God. Ok, they wouldn't worship the Devil. Here I go!