You're looking at the reason that girls aren't considered weak anymore.

T hat voice. Melodic, gentle, sweet, innocent, and always in my dreams. I don't know who it belongs to, just that it's definitely female. Young, too. I'd guess somewhere between fourteen and fifteen, though I'm not sure. I've never been able to see her, but I'm sure that I was in the forest whenever I heard her. The of bounds, considered dangerous. All because of one legend, one myth, of a girl named Ezmeralda. The ultimate warrior.
I've been thinking about venturing into the forest, to see if she's really real, to find the source of that mysterious voice. Now I've made up my mind. I'm going, tomorrow, in the afternoon when nobody's home except for me. I'll keep on traveling into the forest, if I have to. I feel like I have to find that girl, that voice, who keeps on visiting me in my dreams.
"Felix! Felix, are you up yet?" My mom walked through the door. "There you are. Don't you realize how late it is? I thought you said-"
"Mother, I know, I won't sleep past dawntime. But it's hard, you know, to break that habit."
"Anyways, you'd better hurry up and get ready for breakfast. Pancakes!" I smiled. I love pancakes. I rushed to get my clothes on and bounded down the stairs to where the delicious smell wafted slowly out the door. Sniffing quietly, savoring the scent, I walked slowly in to find a large stack of pancakes just waiting for me.
"Wow!" I exclaimed, taken aback by the fact that they were already made. "I really slept in, didn't I?"
"Yes, you did," my father chuckled. He finds it funny that I can sleep in like this. Hmph. I ate my pancakes slowly, wondering what I should do. I decided to go to the Book Hall, and see if I could find more about this Ezmeralda. Just in case I really do find her. Wiping my mouth with the cloth that lay beside my plate, I thanked my mom, explained where I was going (but leaving out why I was going there) and jogged out the door.
The path was deserted, as would be expected on a Solsday. Solsday is the day that nobody works on, and so almost everybody spends this time at home. But my father got extra days off, because he was a worker, and they needed more time to rest. Therefore I didn't feel quite as much of a need to spend this day with my parents.
I turned a corner on the dusty path, thoughts drifting freely to and from my mind. One more turn and I found myself facing the large, gray building that was the Book Hall. It was here that all the books of the village were kept, here where I spent most of my time. I entered the large, oak doors and walked into the old, but clean-swept building. I found the section on myths and legends and looked for 'E', as in Ezmeralda. Pulling three books off the shelves, I sank into one of the large, puffy chairs that were scattered around the building. Pulling a notebook out of my pocket, along with a pen, I took notes as I read.


Ezmeralda is a fearful character. Said to have vivid, purple hair and bright, sparkling, sky-blue eyes, she lives in the forest and never leaves her home. She is very tall for her age, usually being mistaken for a young lady 2 or 3 years older than she actually is. Her age is not known for sure. She has vast magical powers that she uses to destroy towns and villages and to ruin innocent peoples' lives. She is the reason that the forest next to the town of Dymean is forbidden.

I thought about this. 'If she's a myth, why is the forest forbidden?' I wondered aloud. I was still determined to visit the forest on Maysdon, tomorrow, when the work began again.
The rest of the day passed without any unusual occurrences, what with the midday meal and dinner, then bed and dawntime once more. Time passed quickly, so Maysdon came faster than I expected.
"See you later, Felix, and be good!" my mother called casually. My father grinned and waved at me as he exited our home. I stood there, rooted, for ten minutes, until I was sure that everybody would be gone and I was safe to wander outside unnoticed. Once I was positive that absolutely nobody was left to see or hear me, I hurried upstairs to get a flashlight that I had hidden under my bed, a book on Ezmeralda that was under my pillow, and upon coming downstairs again, I made two sandwiches. Grabbing a banana as I passed the table, I then rushed out the door and made straight for the gate that led out of the village. I had been on this path a variety of times, though it had always been with somebody else. Walking along the deserted trail, I eventually reached the turn that led into the forest, and made my way into the shady area under the trees, pausing to discard my banana peel into the bin that stood by the corner.
I followed the path for about ten minutes, until I was pretty deep into the forest. Then, my heart beating a little faster than usual, I turned off the path and walked towards what I hoped was the heart of the forest. I was a little nervous, but nothing would stop me from doing this. I had to find the truth about Ezmeralda. I just had to.
Eventually it grew so dark that I had to take out the flashlight, though it was hardly two hers past dawntime. I waved the beam around a little, now pretty nervous. Every little sound made me jump. I had never, ever, ever been this deep into the forest, and didn't know anybody who had. Would I actually be able to survive this expedition?
And that was when I heard the music.