The Devil In Rossvegas

A city suffocating in mountains of snow,
while the scorching sun reflects off the slopes below,
A town where Yanks and Aussies love to go,
but winter is when the true Devils of Rossvegas show.

It is cold pretty much eight months a year,
and the skies are more often foggy then clear,
the Devil sits in his cave and with a laugh and a leer,
makes hell for all those who live around here.

The residents experience their share of scares,
from this Devil's minions, the fat, blundering, bears,
and those who wander around like they haven't got cares,
the masked raccoon bandits, who often travel in pairs.

But the hippies and crazies, who inhabit the town,
are used to this wildlife that wanders around,
they keep to the mountains and rarely come down,
unless they're selling pet rocks that they swear make sounds.

This city of bikers and boarders galore,
is a city that I have come to love and adore,
regardless of the Devil that will haunt it forevermore,
it is beautiful after his wintery roar.