What do you see when you look at me?
You don't see what I see.
How could you? You're not me.
You can't think what I think, or feel what I feel.
You can't know how hard it is to deal,
With being who I am.

I am not who you think I am.
I'm not the one you see every day.
I hide myself behind a mask of fake emotions,
And forced smiles, so you can't see the real me.

You try and change me,
Tell me what to do and say.
You do this to me every day.
But how can you know what I need, or what I need to be?
You're not me, you never will be, you don't know me.

Sometimes I wish I could be like you,
But then I stop and think about who you are.
You made me who I am, and what I'm like,
Is a direct reflection of your actions.
You created this monster inside me,
But now I have to fight it, alone.