this mirror's my best friend,
and my sole worst enemy,
it shows how beautiful I am,
and how ugly I can be.

some days I love the reflection,
pointy hips and collar bones,
but other days I cry about,
how much my waist has grown.

I count my ribs, one by one,
to make sure that they're all there,
to make sure that they're all visible,
so people stop and stare.

"Look at that awful looking girl,"
is what they tend to say,
a lost and anorexic soul,
"She must not be okay."

I know that they're just jealous,
and while I eat one carrot stick,
I'll laugh at all the fat kids,
then go make myself be sick.

everyday's a contest,
a test of my inner will,
one more piece of lettuce,
then go take some diet pills.

I want to know the feeling,
of being light as air,
of moving through a crowded room,
when no one knows you're there.

and soon I'll become nothing,
I'll waste away and disappear,
you won't know where I went,
but you never saw me here.