Depthless Waters, a Creation Myth
Written 10-20-02

Hi, this is my first time uploading, so be nice -. Rating is only PG because it might be a little hard to understand I'm well known for that

Before time began to run, there was only water of profound depth, black water yet unlit by any light. In those waters lived things great and small, and often bubbles would be formed in the water, of unkown substance, that sank and rested upon the gritty floor of the Great Sea.
Bubbles were often pushed together, or pieces of grit trapped inside them, weightless and floating, spinning when bubbles were stirred. Dark fishes and sea mammals of unknown kind or shape swept them up or swallowed them sometimes, or tossed and spun large ones in playful activity. Larger fishes were there always, and tiny urchins, and things not tangible, odd raw materials hanging in the dark waters from the beginning of things that possessed odd or frightening qualities, drifting like curtains upon a wind. Sometimes they would be chased by great things with snapping jaws, but they always transformed and got away.
Now it was on one such occasion that for some odd reason four of those odd things were caught together, and they all became tiny tiny little creatures, and escaped. But the unseen predator thrashed about and crushed them all into a large bubble. Inside, they could not get out. Bits of grit were stirred suddenly as they hurtled themselves at the slippery walls of the bubble.
At last they gave up. The four then each took permanent physical forms and made the bubble their home. They spun in the spinning world inside the bubble. One settled at the center of the bubble, a strong, hot point of light. The light reflected off the grit and made other smaller points of light in the void. Another, feeling the warmth, settled comfortably down just far enough from the first to not get burnt. The other two quietly settled down upon the second, and occasionally the second, who they called Narna, heaved and lurched and tried to throw them off, and her smooth surface was riven and cracked and thrust up with every upheaval.
Eventually all settled into a dreary sleep and started losing their conscious selves. They became dull witted and slow, and Narna's upheavals slowed to an occasional calamity. The other two, Sari, who we call the Sea, and Avrin, who we call Air often worked together, with Sari helping and Avrin plotting, for they were both of mischievous and brilliant mind. Narna spun in the spinning world so that all her sides could be warmed in Farën's heat, who we call Sun or the Fire.
Then one day Farën woke, and in her waking raged and burnt them and they escaped as best they could. Their remaining selves came back into the same formation, with Avrin above, and Narna below Sari, and Farën warmed them but did not burn them. A bit of Narna remained, a disc shape that glowed white hot as it spun around the new Narna and lit her cold side with chilly light. It was lifeless, but had a sleepy consciousness for there much of Sari and Avrin had been burnt away, and what remained remained with Narna. They called the disc Maro.
Slowly they all settled down again, and Narna, now to sleepy to upheave very often, watched dully as Avrin, who was more awake than the others, and Sari, who was awake enough to help Avrin, worked with a newcomer and made little playthings out of the soil that was Narna and the water, that was the Sea, built after the image of the black waters about them, who was Sari. Under light of Farën some were shaped, and they moved about under her light, and under light of Maro came some, and they always preferred his cooler light and the near-dark. At whiles Maro would cool on his side farther from Farën, and slow, then Farën would speed up and that side would flame even as Maro became dark.
And so the Universe was established in a tiny bubble in a black sea. Narna got steadily sleepier, and now she only wakes on some occasions. Sari and Avrin still are awake, but they do not Create any more. Farën still lights the pieces of grit from the center of the bubble, that we call Stars. Maro hasn't changed at all, and the Stranger who Avrin and Sari created with has gone. The spinning is relatively regular and time is now set running.