Author's Note:

I cannot tell you what a great sense of accomplishment I felt when I completed this story. It is the first story, on this site, I have ever finished, so it holds great sentiment.

I would post an epilogue or another chapter, but this is how the original ended, and if I posted anymore, it would be intruding on the sequel, Through the Engravements of Truth. I would suggest to you all to read that if you wanted to read more about Sarah Jenkins, but I am not sure whether or not now would be the most time to read it. The reason why I say this is because I rewrote this story, and the initial story had more chapters, but they were not as detailed or well-written, which means I plan to rewrite the sequel, Through the Engravements of Truth, but I am not so sure when. With this, I had a case of writer's block, so I went on this site, read some works, and decided I will rewrite this as a way to gain some creativity while sharpening my writing skills. Unfortunately, even though I have rewritten some chapters to the sequel, I did not expect that I would completely revise it. This means I want to change the plot a bit, remove some characters, and add more personality to some that are only mentioned once or twice. This is going to take more time and thought, and thankfully, it is summer so I hope I can rewrite it.

I would like to thank all of the people that took time out of their lives to read my little story. I know it is not the best, but I know it is far from the worst. I know the ending is sad, but I aimed for realism in the story and I just believed, in that kind of situation, things just wouldn't magically work out. Speaking of realism, I have a few questions:

Do you think the characters were realistic? Did they have personality or did you feel like some of the dialog was awkward?

Do you think the situations the characters were placed in were realistic and were the character's reactions realistic?

How do you feel about the progression of the plot? Does it seem to be nicely woven chapter by chapter or does it just seem to come out of no where at random times?

The reason why I ask is because I do aspire to be a writer so I am curious whether or not my writing is good or not.

If you enjoy my works, I really hope you all read my other works! So far I have six pieces on this site, two of them being tales of Sarah Jenkins, but I feel all of my works are equally as good and charming! It is just a matter of preference. If you are into slash, then you may enjoy my other works more, but if you are not a fan of slash, I still have some man/female pieces.

For those who are dedicated readers, I have two things to say. First, if by any means you want to read the original and compare it, let me know by sending me a message or comment with your email. Two, if you love my other works, I would like to inform you all my next rewrite is going to be A Little Game. It is my most popular work and I have completely mapped out how I plan to write it. I just need to execute it.