The question is "If you could go back in time and stop the war, would you?"
And what would be the consequences if you messed around with the past?
A different perspective on The War (any war, for that matter). A bit of chaos theory thrown in (you know, how one little thing can change everything else), some time travel, etc.


The War That Never Happened

The man went back
To stop the war
He did it with
A time machine
He dropped into
The hills of black
And skies of red
And there he dreamed
Of peace
And love
And weapons broken
And hate unspoken
And all those other things

His dream came true
And covered the world
As he altered the past
With arms unfurled
The people laughed
And the President cried
And everyone
Felt peaceful inside

Duty done, the man went home
To reap the awards
Of his wondrous deed
When he stopped short
And stared in horror
For his home was not
What it used to be

Because of the events
He'd changed in the past
The war he thought he'd stopped
The guns he'd smashed
And the political wrongs
And the cities he'd built
And the singing of songs
The future had changed
And now the world
Was different from what it ought

The shadows filled the coursing sky
The sunlight crept away
There was no joy
In this blackened land
And there was no kindness
To lift a hand

And all was red as the people fought
Because of the bullet
That was never shot
Because of the people who never died
Because of the smoke that never filled the sky
Because of the blood that was never shed
Because of the rivers that never ran red
Because of the land that was never torn
Because of the President who was never born
Because of the buildings that never fell
Because of the past that was never made Hell

Because of all this, the future was stoned
Which taught that sometimes
You should leave time alone.


Excuse the weirdness... this isn't my best work, but I had to get it off my chest.
Probably a lot of people who don't agree with this, but given all the science fiction stories I've read, it's perfectly plausible in a technical sense. Anyway. Please review.