By: Kitana

Alex nervously entered the new high school, anticipating whether the students there would be friendly enough to accept him into their group. To his left, a couple of girls giggled and started applying lipstick onto their lips. To his right, a couple of jocks were chatting, and once in a while stole a glance at the girls. When he walked past them, they barely noticed him at all.

He tramped to where the office was, and instead found a room where lots of chubby women were, eating cake and drinking coffee, typing away on computers. Alex wrinkled his nose in disgust. He hated the smell of coffee-it was so...bitter. He waited and sank onto a wooden chair. He didn't have to long to wait, however. A rather skinny lady walked over to him and looked at him over horn-rimmed glasses.

"Alexander Thomas?" Alex nodded numbly. "Call me Alex. Everybody does," he blurted out stupidly. The woman eyed him.

"Very well, then, Alex," she said, emphasizing 'Alex'. "Come with me."

Moments later, he exited the office with a timetable and looked strangely at his classes. They were in small print, and very difficult to read. He stood there, looking very lost, when a pretty girl came up to him and asked, "You new?" Alex nodded. He noticed the girl's eyes traveled over his face and his body. For some reason, it made him uncomfortable. She smiled, her freshly darkened glossy lips shimmering in the dim school lights.

"I'm Tammy. Welcome to the worst school in the world." She said it somewhat jokingly, and looked as if she expected him to laugh. But he looked confused, and asked, "Tommy?"

"No. Tammy," she said. "Tammy. T-A-M-M-Y. TAMMY."

"Oops. Sorry about that," the fifteen-year-old said sheepishly. "Guess I'm hard of hearing." Tammy shuffled slightly closer to him.

"What's your name?"

"Alex." Tammy shuffled slightly closer to him.

"Alex..." she repeated.

"So why did you come here?" she questioned, her voice oddly quiet.

"M-My mother came here for a new job. My father too. And this is the local high school, right? So we just-came here, and I just-moved here." Alex swallowed. How could he not notice it before? Tammy was really pretty. Brown hair and gray eyes flecked with blue...

Tammy smiled again.

"C'mon. I'll show you around, if you like," she said sweetly. His heart skipped a beat. She was kind as well as beautiful...

"First, I'll introduce you to the students. By the way, who's your teacher?" Alex checked his timetable.

"Mr...Mah...Moh..." Tammy looked at it.

"Mr. Morifigus?" she finished.

"Morifigus?" Alex said bewilderly. "What kind of a name is that?" Tammy laughed.

"Yeah, I know, it's stupid. I don't even think it's a name." Alex chuckled with her.

"He's my teacher, too."

"Really?" asked Alex. A gorgeous girl like his class...She took his arm and steered him into the classroom.

"Good, Morifigus isn't here yet," she said maliciously, and the rest of the class turned to Tammy. "Guys," she called. "This is Alex." The class turned. Tammy introduced them one by one. "I'll introduce them all," she said sweetly.

"...This is Pattie, she's our nice one...and this is Josh, the jock of the class...and this is Martin, the brain of the whole school...this is Millicent, the 'evil one'..." Millicent smiled at Alex. Then Tammy looked around.

"Where's Kaylee, the idiot?" Alex winced at the words. Perhaps she wasn't that kind, after all...the other people snickered at her name.

"You mean the piano playing freak?" said Pattie. She jerked her thumb towards a door at the other end of the classroom. "She's in there banging away at her stupid instrument." For the first time, Alex heard ripples of music from behind the door, faintly playing a classical piece. He didn't think it was fact, it was quite elegant and beautiful.

"You said you'd introduce me to everyone," said Alex, his lips rather tight. Tammy rolled her eyes.

"Come on. You do NOT want to know Kaylee."

"What if I do?" Tammy looked coldly at the door. "Oh, fine," she said dramatically, and pushed the door open.

A girl was playing the piano. No-'playing' would be too simple to describe the way her fingers flew across the keys, playing them each in turn, but never missing a beat. Each note was clearly heard, and he didn't just hear music-he heard emotion in every sound. Her skill and passionate music blew him away. He nearly uttered "Wow", but Tammy said, "Yo, freak-ya got a visitor." Tammy spoke with an attitude now, and she seemed sort of rude towards Kaylee. She looked up.

Kaylee was a brunette, with yellow streaks in her hair, and brilliant green eyes that matched his own behind small glasses. She had a tiny frame, and her nose was ever so slightly crooked, but not totally. Her lips were pulled very tight, and were very thin-unlike the other girls, she wore no makeup. Her skin was extremely pale, and she looked as if she rarely went out and exercised at all. No, Kaylee was not pretty-but fairly good-looking, not ugly, not pretty.

"Hi, you must be the new kid." Alex blinked.

"Uh, yeah." He ran a hand through his black hair. He felt sort of intimidated by such a piano master.

"Welcome to JHS, hope your day goes alright." She returned to her piano, and started playing again. Tammy turned away in disgust and took Alex back.

"See? She's weird. That thing plays on the piano in the morning, and it drives us crazy. But no, the music teacher is 'extremely proud of her' and says she has 'extraordinary talent', so we have to suffer EVERY single day." Alex didn't think Tammy was right-Kaylee did have talent. But he kept quiet through the whole class as Mr. Morifigus entered the classroom, ready to begin a new lesson.


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