"Plea of the Ghost & The Angel of Death"

Feel his sorrow, feel his rage

It's all that he has left now

And it's his song, it's his creed

Hear him pledge his allegiance to vengeance alone—

Your time has come

Meet your end at sharpened edge

And know only the mercy you've shown

We gather here, discarded and forgotten

We're the victims of your justice

Side effects of your platitudes and speeches

Undesirables, mere numbers

We were just in the way

Now we're ghosts in waiting, dear giants,

We're waiting

Near comes our time for revenge

And when you're begging for mercy

All you'll hear is a platitude about courage

And a speech about justice and duty

We are forgotten

But we will never forget

We will never forget

Feel his anger, undying, fierce

It's all he chooses to keep

It is his religion now, his faith

Hear him as he whispers the name of every murderer—

Your time has come

Meet your end, justice comes, justice comes

It comes, silently screaming for your soul

Damnation will be your reward

For your self-righteous adventures

Now you will taste an eternity of fire

As the Lord laughs at your anguish

And we will be there

With our platitudes and our speeches

And you will know us evermore