"The Pledge of No Allegiance"

I have heard the songs that slaves sing

As chance in escape they brave

Or seek freedom by gun and knife

But to first become a slave?—what shame!

And I pledge allegiance to no thing

So to no man am I a slave

Leave me be and go about your life

And gladly, I do for you the same!

Hear my pledge of no allegiance

None sacred: banner, creed, nor crown

One King, but not of this world

Alone commands my adherence

I will not dance the thieves' dance

Or lust for a Great Man's renown

For fallen upon the vicious, many fold

Will be the fires of a Hateful Vengeance

I do no harm and live at peace

As far as it is my decision how I live

I believe I am no better than any man

And so it must be true that we can all be free

Ah, but men pledge allegiance

To evil things that demand they give

Blood, kin, and hate for some master plan

But no, such foolishness will never sway me

But who is this I see?

I do not know your name

I do not know your needs

I am happy to be alone here

Who are you to threaten me?

You fools are all the same

Say what you will of all your deeds

But you hold nothing worthy dear


Take your slaves and begone

No trust!

No trust means true freedom

No treason!

No allegiance means no treason

I don't know you

Nor respect you


Take your Traditional Values

Your Cultural Revolutions

And your "Mistakes Were Made"

Take your Justice

Your Little White Lies

And your New World Order

Take your Good Intentions

Your New Nationalism

And your Consent of the Governed

Take your Collectivization

Your Social Contracts

And your New Deal

Take your Great Society

Your Homeland Security

And your Eminent Domain

Take your Five Year Plans

Your Roadmaps to Peace

And your Compelling Interests

Take your Final Solutions

Your Great Leaps Forward

And your Crusades against Evil

You take your endless tripe about Necessity

And take your Excuses

Turn around

Walk away