He brought her naked form into the bedroom. Their tongues entangled in a passionate kiss. He bit her tongue lightly and lowered her to the bed. Her feet dangled over the edge he leaned over her and gave her a chaste kiss on her full lips. He trailed down her cheek to her long neck. He licked up the pulsing vein and she gave a low moan. He sucked on her neck leaving a nice mark on her powdery skin. He licked down to her collarbone where he bit her. She squealed and he lapped at the red wound he placed on her. Moving down he reached two full mounds. He licked around the base of the one. Moving up it slowly as she squirmed. He then left it without touching her pert nipple that begged him for attention. He went to the unattended mound and repeated the process. She was whimpering now as he finally flicked his tongue over her pert nipple. She sighed and put her hand in his hair pressing him closer to her breast. He smiled and parted his mouth to suck on her. She started to moan his name. He pushed himself away resisting her grip on his head. He puckered his lips and blew on the saliva-covered breast. She gasped at how cold it felt compared to her steaming skin. Instead of going to the other breast, he moved down her flat stomach. Reaching her navel, he jabbed his tongue into it. She arched her back trying to get more attention. He placed an arm under her across her lower back keeping her body arched. Her head thrashed as he swirled his tongue around her navel jabbing in and out of it occasionally. He lowered her back down to the bed as he kneeled on the floor. He pulled her by her hips off the bed until her round ass was not on the bed. He put her creamy legs over his tanned shoulders and kissed her inner thigh. Her thigh muscles jumped. Smirking slightly he licked his way to her puffy outer lips then drew back kissing her thigh. She whimpered loudly at his teasing. He lowered himself licking down her toned legs. He stopped at the back of her knee sucking at the sensitive skin for a minute then ran his lips back up her leg to the outer lips once more. He licked over them and she moaned. Once reaching her other side he licked and sucked at her inner thigh. Trailing down her leg fully. He then without warning went up to her cunt and jabbed through her lips with his tongue. She cried out finally getting the attention she wanted. He took his tongue out and licked her outer lip top to bottom. He then pulled one into his mouth and sucked it. Her musky scent filling his senses. She was moaning incoherently, grasping the bed sheets with tight fists. He continued to suck on the lip in his mouth. He brought his hand up, and scrapped his fingernail down the other lip. Her moan heightened. He let go of the lip in his mouth and used his hand to spread her open for him. Her cunt was wet and rosy dying to be touched. He licked her inner lips avoiding delving into her begging opening. Her thighs clasped themselves around his head. Her scent and heat were going to his already hard shaft. He continued to tease her gently. He found her nub and quickly flicked his tongue onto it. Her juices were flowing steadily now. He placed his mouth over her opening and sucked deeply. That was all it took to send her over the edge. She screamed as her body shook from the force of her orgasm. He licked her clean as she rode out her feeling of pleasure. She slumped against the bed her legs falling limply from his shoulders. He rose from his kneeling position. He turned her around on the bed so she was laying the length of it. She slowly opened her still dazed eyes and smiled at him. His face was flushed and looked slightly pained. She looked down and saw his erection that seemed painfully strained. She winked at him and spread her legs wide. He grinned and climbed onto the bed and settled between her legs. He pulled her legs until they were bent at the knee. He positioned himself and bent down to kiss her as he penetrated her warm tight cunt. She sighed into his mouth as he claimed his dominance through the kiss. His tongue ran over her mouth as he created a slow rhythm. He lifted himself into a more kneeled position breaking the kiss. She wrapped her legs around his lower back lifting her lower body off the bed to meet his painfully slow thrusts. Placing one hand firmly on the bed, he placed his other around her back. She raised both her arms and put them tightly around his neck. She was now lifted off the bed only her long hair touched the sheets. He started to swing her slowly. His pace quickened and they started to moan. Her body was defying gravity as she thrusted onto his cock. Her head fell back with a silent cry of passion. His face was strained with effort as he held himself back. His thrusting started to become frantic as he lost control. She cried out loudly as she orgasmed again. Her sweet walls clamped around his cock as he came forcefully, overflowing her cunt with his heated cum. He let her down gently and lowered himself. He pulled out of her and collapsed beside her. Their breathing was laboured as they came down from orgasm. She looked to him as she relaxed. He was still panting slightly. She scanned over his sweat- slicked form and found herself looking at a semi hard cock. Grinning she moved over to him. She crawled on top of him and bent down taking a nipple into her mouth and biting it. He gasped in shock and looked at her. She was smiling seductively at him. She bent her head and lapped at the hurt bud. She felt his cock hardening against her and moved down. Licking her way through his ab muscles. Liking to get to the point, she went straight for the still hardening cock. She placed her mouth over the tip and sucked gently. She then spread his legs so she could settle between them. She stopped sucking the tip and licked down the underside of his now rock hard cock. Grinning she licked at his balls. Covering them with saliva, she pulled one into her mouth and sucked forcefully. She felt it tighten slightly and released it. Licking her way back to the tip of his cock. She lowered her mouth over it and engulfed it whole. She sucked it for all it was worth then stopped and hummed deep in her throat. Making sure he felt the vibrations of it. His cock twitch in her mouth and she reached a hand down to fondle his balls. He soon exploded in her mouth. She drank as much as she could but a stream of it ran down her chin. When he settled down, she lifted her head only to bend it to clean off his dick with her hungry tongue. She sat back on her knees and wiped the cum off her chin with the back of her hand then proceeded to lick it off it. Satisfied she climbed up to him and snuggled against his still heaving frame. His breathing became normal and he grasped her chin gently in his hand and tilted her head to face him. He bent his head and kissed her softly on her lips. He backed away and laid back down thoroughly exhausted. She smiled contentedly and curled against him. His arm wrapped around her back and pulled her closer. They both fell asleep thoroughly content.