This is more Philosphy than poetry.

A boy walked into the hut of a wise man, he sat down before the elder.

Why is eternity so crule?

Why does it insist upon Making more tears than laughter?

Does it get plesure from hearing the sobs of children destined to live forever whilst the earth and people aroung them rot?

Does it find the never ending sorrow it causes entertaining?

How can it keep it's self from tears, when i, a mortal cannot?

Why does it like to desroy ones soul?

The wiseman looked up to the child and the child to him.

It is crule by narture, it's like a storm, though it causes good it is also an instigator of evil.

Eternity is the enemy of happiness, the enemy of love, it fears it and embraces it.

The sobs of children given elvin blood it hears not, though it would get plesure from it's evil.

The sorrow is a curse to man, a curse for all our wrong doings.

And how would you a mortal knwo it does not shed tears? You have never met her, the goddess of all things eternal, how would one as you know if she sheds tears?

And yes, it must eventually destroy all things, such as you, the earth it's self, even it's chosen.

The boy looked sceptical, he stood up and walked out the door of the hut, leaving the wiseman to his thoughts.