Chapter 4 folks. ^_^ Hope you enjoy.


"What it is you want?" Drake asked, obviously very annoyed.

"I want you to get me something." Mera turned to look at the blonde twin. "I want you to get me.. Some paint. ^^"

*face fault* Drake immediately got back up. "W- w- why do you me to get paint?" he questioned the smiling vampiress, twitching at her expression. She was so calm about it. He was VERY confused. Sure he knew that their hut needed a paint job, but paint!? And for blood information too? 'This woman _is_ crazy.' He thought.

"Hmm- mm. ^^" She was still smiling. Nodding her head up and down to his inquiring words. "You need green and red paint. You know, the colors on the outside of my house. Hmm?" *blink*

Drake had face faulted again, her eyes opened and she bent down to the heap of gray and yellow. *poke* "Are you okay Drake-kun?"

The vampire twitched. "Yes." He got up and looked at Mera. "Where do you want the paint from?" The golden-haired vampire asked, trying to keep a straight face.

"At a hardware store of course." She cocked her head and looked at Drake like he didn't know where to get paint. Which was true.

'What's a hardware store?' The male questioned himself. *sigh* 'I guess I'll have to ask Justin.' *blink* 'Where is Justin?'

() Again with Justin and Bell ()

"Where exactly are you taking me, Bell?" the brunette asked, still scared of her.

"To my room. ^_^" Bell grinned and ran faster, gliding through the dark halls.

They finally came to a lime colored door. The vampiress grabbed the door- knob and swung open the door revealing the contents inside.

The boy was stunned to see what lay in this small girl's room. It was filled with small vampire plushies. Digimon, and Pokemon plushies too, along with a few Tokyo Mew Mew ones. The wall was colored a light pink and her bed was a queen size with a flower pattern cover. Posters covered the majority of the wall.

"Wow." was all Justin managed to get out.

"You like it?" Bell asked him. ^_^ "I do." She then pulled him into the room and plopped him onto the bed. She sat down on the bed also, right next to the boy. This action giving Justin goose- bumps and shivers up and down his spine.

The purple haired vampiress spread her wings a little, dragging her hand across the male's face. Her eyes were kind of hazy too. "I like you." she whispered.

'What is she doing?' The brunette thought, his eyes going slightly wide. He turned toward Bell. "What are you doing?"

"I'm just.. Showing you my room." She shook her head and got off the bed, her back facing Justin.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that. It's just that my instincts take over when I'm around any male." She faced Justin again. "I'm sorry. Really sorry."

He shook his head. "It's okay. I don't mind." He looked her over again. She might be small, but for her size she was really developed in all the right places, along with some nice curves. 'What! Why am I saying this?' He shook his head and wiped the small amount of saliva forming on his lips.

Fortunately she was going around her room straightening things and et cetera. Just cleaning up a little; humming all the while.

"Well, I think we should start getting back," Justin said. Rubbing his hands through his hair, just out of habit.

Bell turned around, her eyes red as blood. She started to slowly come near him, pinning him against the wall.

"Let's wait a while," she whispered to him, her lips brushing again his pointed ear.

*gulp* "Wh- Why?" he managed to get out, a bit shakily though.

"Because I said so." She said seductively, still not letting him go. Her claws were piercing the skin enough to draw the purple blood inside.

He couldn't move. He was trapped, like a game of cat and mouse. And he was mouse. And he was caught.

"He he.." He laughed nervously. "Why should we stay? I mean I think they're waiting for us. Don't you think?" The male tried to change the subject, hoping she would let go. It failed to say the least.

The female's lips captured his; she bit his lower lip. Hard.

() Drake's Trouble ()

"I know what you're thinking." Mera stated. A crazy little smiled traced her lips as she stepped toward the blonde male.

"Then what am I thinking?" He asked coolly, yet scared inside. That smile SCARED him; it was like she was going to kill him. He shivered at the thought.

"Are you cold?" The girl asked, noticing his shiver. Before he could answer she had teleported them to her room.

The room was an old style fashion. A burgundy color couch sat in one corner while a king- size bed was in another. There was a small table on the side of the bed. A small lamp sat on top of it. The dresser drawer was made of cherry wood and had a kind of shine to it. On top of that were boxes and what not. The walls were of a cream color with a rose border on the top lining.

"Wow.." Drake was fairly impressed, since their shabby little living space was worth crap. This room was worth at least five thousand.

"You like?" Mera said, sitting on the bed. She tilted her up to the ceiling. Little stars were printed on it, with a dark blue background.

"I do." The man answered. He looked up at the ceiling along with Mera. While he was watching above the woman moved toward him.

'I'll soon make you mine.' She thought. He was still looking up. 'Good.' She was close enough now, she then slipped her hand up his shirt. Startling him so he looked down at the female feeling up his chest.

His eyes widened in shock, but soon they glazed over in enjoyment.

"You like?" She asked again, taking her hand away.

He nodded, his mouth shut so he wouldn't say something stupid.

"I don't think so." The brown/ blonde girl slapped him across the face, leaving a throbbing red mark. (Of course that wasn't the only thing throbbing by that point. *wink wink* ~.^ Drake: SHUT UP! *blush* OP You'll find out in the next chapter. If you review. ^O^ Byez! ^_^