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Chapter 2: Michelle

Keane checked his latest penpal's letter. She lived somewhere in the next state, and her letter was less then half a page long. When he opened it, what she had written was:

Dear Keane,

I think we should meet sometime. We've been friends for so long, and I think we should at least get a glimpse of each other. If you're not too convinced, I've enclosed some pictures of myself for you to see. I think I'm going to your town for a while, I mean, it's vacation time. Summer. Where and when would you like to meet? I need your answer as soon as possible. Thankz!


Keane wrote back quickly, and sent it within seconds. He had agreed to meet her. Keane had told her which town he lived in before, and arranged with her to meet him at a little cafe down the street. Then he remembered the pictures. He slowly took them out of the envelope, and his eyes widened. She was unbelievably beautiful. Her black hair shimmered, and she was in a sort of sophisticated pose. Her eyes, a jade green, sparkled with...with...with innocence. Yes, innocence. He glanced at the letter again. She'll never know what's coming her way, thought Keane with a smile.


Michelle got out of the taxi, and paid the driver. She arrived early, and checked her watch for the time. When a boy came in at exactly three o'clock, she asked him if he was Keane. He had given her a weird look and walked off to a table. Then another boy came. He was very handsome, with brown hair and baby blue eyes. She didn't even have to ask. Swiftly he came up to her and said, "Michelle?" and then they were seated at a table. Michelle cleared her throat and smiled.

"So you're Keane, right?"

"Yeah," he said carelessly. He fiddled with the napkin. "Want-"

"No, no, my treat," said Michelle, still smiling. Keane gave her a strange look. Michelle ignored it and ordered some vanilla cake.

Keane looked at Michelle strangely. No girl had ever treated him before. Instead, they let HIM order everything, and by the time they were done daintily eating their dessert, his wallet would be empty. Michelle was different, that was for sure. When he had choked on his cake, because the sweetness had surprised him, in a flash, Michelle was beating his back, helping him swallow. Keane never knew someone could be so caring.

Another thing. Michelle asked about his former life. Keane was surprised at first, but then he reluctantly told her about his father beating him, calling him names, and always getting drunk. He had died of alcohol poisoning when he was nine. It was weird at first, but gradually, it felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders. Why did she listen? Why was she so nice to him?


Michelle waved goodbye to Keane and headed for the hotel. She noticed that Keane seemed very lonely. No friends, and his letters said no family, no home...she felt sorry for him. But there was something else, too. Besides his looks, he seemed pretty caring deep deep down inside. Maybe he was just too shy to let it show. After all, he was very rude to the waitress that came to collect their plates, but there was a bad side and a good side to everyone. He was very nice to Michelle, but she could see the fakeness. It seemed almost like Keane *wanted* her to fall in love with him. Yet how could one girl resist his looks, and his smile? His loneliness seemed unbearable, so Michelle was determined to at least be a best friend to him. Keane may be a little fake, but Michelle would bring out the true Keane within him.


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