Sugar and Spice

And everything nice

Is that what you think I'm made of?

Teacups, lace, and teddy bears

Pretty pink dresses you made me wear

Why did you think I would like that?

Maybe I don't want to be nice, sit still, and look pretty

Perhaps I would rather play in the mud and get dirty

One day she'll break some hearts

One day she'll marry someone smart

Maybe one day someone will let me play my own part

I want to be wild, get dirty, and be loud

But instead I'm supposed sit still and not make a sound

Because I'm a girl

And he's a boy

He gets to play with all the cool toys

I like little green plastic men and puppy dog tails

If it isn't nice, I'll never tell

It must be nice to be able to run about

But I'm a girl, so I must sit and pout