She walked into a deserted temple. Obviously, no one had been here in

years. Cobwebs covered the walls and ceiling, and there were footprints in

the dust where she stepped.

Tears sprung into her eyes, and she brushed them angrily away. "Stupid

allergies", she made excuses. The woman pushed long sliver blonde hair

out of her eyes and she had to fight another round of tears that sprang from

their blue-black depths.

She had lived for ages as an immortal, but her memory was perfect. She

remembered the love, the laughter and the friendships that were forged in

this place. She remembered wild debauchery that could go on for weeks.

Trailing her hand along the wall, Shalott followed a path that others had

long forgotten. She walked past a ballroom, a dining room and a great

meeting room. Taking ancient stairs, she made her way to an abandoned

chamber room. The tapestries were faded, but in her mind's eye, she saw

the colors as if they had been there yesterday. The room she had once

called her own still held a bed and table. Pulling open a drawer she found

a perfume bottle. Left behind in her departure, the perfume had long since

evaporated. Shalott placed the bottle back into the depression it left in the

dust and exited the room. Going back the way she came, Shalott thought

about the way Fate had cast her lots. She had lost her friends, the ones she

had laughed with and cried with. Now all that remained were memories

she clung to like gold.

Once back in the main throne room, Shalott took a final look around,

before exiting again into the sunshine. There, a handsome man waited. He

had refused to go in, saying he wanted to make sure the car was ok in this

bad part of town, but Shalott knew better. He couldn't enter this place. Not

after his father and sister had faded away. Cupid had once been a god of

War, but as time went on, he out lived his need. The other gods left the

mortal realm, going to somewhere unknown. Cupid stayed behind for her,

and for their family. But he was no longer a god; no longer worshiped by

warriors worldwide.

Hurting for him, Shalott slipped the ancient key back into her purse and

took one last look at the temple. Even in these modern times it was still

protected. No robbers came near it, fearing the ghosts that lurked there.

The only Ghosts Shalott feared were those in her mind.

Anyone watching would have seen a gorgeous couple in their mid to late

twenties, leaving the haunted ruin in haste. Anyone who knew the truth

would have seen an ancient god and his immortal wife always coming