There's a somebody I'm longing to see

I miss him when he's gone away

I feel incomplete without him here for me

I live for every word I hear him say

There's a message that I'm longing to get

From the one who loves me so

I wonder "Why, oh why's he not on yet?"

There's something that I need him to know.

Forever and ever, always in my heart

In some ways together, in others apart

I know you will always be there for me

And I want to be there for you, too.

There's a something that I'm dying to say

I want to tell you just how I feel

I want to be with you more every day

Now I know these feelings are real.

There's a face that I am wanting to see

The face of my love, the reason I'm living

Just writing the words is not enough for me

And I thank God you've been so forgiving.

Forever and ever, always in my heart

We should be together, never apart

I know you will always believe in me

And now I believe that I love you, too.

There's four little words I say here to you

Something I just now figured out

I have learned to trust again, and it's true

I love you, there's no doubt.

There's a promise that I wish I could make

That we'll meet each other someday

I don't know how long it may take

But I will try my best in every way.

You have said things that have made me cry

And as I sit here I wonder why

Why's it taken me so long to say

Those four little words to you.

I just want you to know, that with all of my heart, I truly love you.