-3/1/2003-Chapter 1: All about you

I gazed longingly at Justin. I loved everything about him: his smile, eyes, ears, nose, his hair, his personality…everything. Every little movement and action enthralled me.

His caramel colored eyes held an aura of playfulness. Rarely was he serious. But when he was serious, he would give you his full attention. He would listen and not interrupt you. He knew how to make you feel on top of the world. He had me in the palm of his hand except he didn't know that.

His wavy semi-short black hair was always lazily sitting on top of his head. It was rarely gelled back. There was nothing special about his clothes. They were just your typical teenage clothing: baggy jeans, with a baggy t-shirt, and a jacket or sweatshirt thrown over it. I didn't care about his appearance that much. I found that out when I first saw him.

I was visiting my best friend, Winnie, at her Modern World class in the summer because she flunked the class during the school year. That was when my eyes fell on him. Apparently, Justin and his friend flunked the class also, although they were soon-to-be juniors. To be honest, I thought he was ugly and his friend was much cuter. As I got to know him better, he seem to grew cuter each passing moment. Then as summer ended and my sophomore year started, I found out he was in my Spanish class. I didn't think much of him. I just recognized him and that was that.

Apparently, his birthday was a week before school started and Winnie didn't get him a birthday present until school started and she didn't see him during the school day so she told me to give it to him. I was reluctant because I didn't know him and I was shy around people I didn't know. She begged me continuously throughout the whole morning. I finally agreed just before my Spanish class. Winnie handed me his gift and ran off to class. I sighed and made my way to class while I waited for him to show up.

Justin made his way into class exactly 1 minute before class started with his two guy friends next to him. They were loud and joking around. Damnit,I don't want to go up to him with his friends near him, I said to myself. His friends left as soon as our teacher walked into Spanish Class. I quickly walked up to him, handed his gift, and quickly mumbled, "It's your gift from Winnie."

"Um…thanks." I turned around to walk to my desk when he asked, "Hey, what's your name?" I was about to answer, when he answered his own question, "Is it Amy?" I shook my head and replied, "No, it's Stacey."

"Oh okay. Sorry! Thanks Stacey." He grinned.

"It's no problem." I gave a small smile and went to my desk as class started.

That was my first encounter with him. Soon our friendship blossomed. How did our friendship start? Well, Winnie was using my screenname to chat with Justin, she told him that it was my screenname, and left his screename on my buddylist. One day, I was bored and IMed. So we just started chatting and joked around with each other. Pretty soon, he started walking me to the cafeteria right after Spanish before he went to find his girlfriend.

I thought it was sweet of him to walk me to the cafeteria before finding his girlfriend. On our way there, we would always fool around. He would sneak up behind me and yell, "Booo!" which caused me to shriek. Other times, he would try to undo my ponytail or "attempt" to steal from my backpack. They were fun little moments.

I didn't think much of his girlfriend until she started glaring at me. Everything time I was near Justin she would glare. It made it seemed like I was out to steal him from her. I wasn't. I was just a friend, or so I thought back then. So, as soon as I see her coming down the hall, I would dash away from Justin. He would never notice because his girlfriend would be up in his face before he could notice that I had slipped away.

Another thing that I loved about Justin was his hugs. They were warm, protective, confident hugs. They held the right pressure and closeness. I loved it. Every hug I received from him made me cheerful and hyper. They would brighten my day just like that. His first hug came as a shock to me though.

I was heading towards my ceramics class right after homeroom when I saw Justin stand outside my door.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" I greeted.

"Hey..but… . Umm…help me, Stace, please." He begged.

"With what?"

"how?" I questioned, confused.

"What's on today's test?" I took out my textbook and pointed out the sections in the Chapter. He looked at my worriedly.

"It looks hard." He stated.

"It's not hard, It's really easy. Trust me, Justin. You'll ace it!" I comforted him.

"No, Justin is going to fail it." He whimpered.
"Awww, don't be a baby." I said and smiled. He shook his head, and then out of nowhere, he threw his arms around me. I awkwardly put my arms around him. He hugged me tightly and I was blushing furiously. I was not used to affection from guys. I had never been hug from a guy before. Especially out of nowhere. I felt myself slowly relaxed and absorbed his warmth.

"You'll do good on it. Really. If you don't, I'll clobber myself." I whispered soothingly in his ear.
"No. I won't."

"Yes you will. C'mon. I'll make a bet with you. I bet that I'll do worse than you."

"A bet?!" he exclaimed. "ALRIGHT! Bring it on Stace!" I chuckled quietly.

"Yup. Bring it on Justin." I responded with a smile. "Anyways, I have to go to class. I'll see you later."

"Bye, Stace."

Yeah, that's the Justin I like so much right now. I looked at Justin circle his arms around his girlfriend, Karrena. Sigh, she is such a lucky girl. I hope she deserves him. Karrena felt my gaze on Justin and immediately shot a glare at me. Bitch. Never mind, she DOES not deserve him.

"Hey girlie. Snap out of it." Winnie greeted me. I looked up at her and pursed my lips.

"Can't; I'm in too deep. You know that." I told her slowly.

"You're not. You're only in too deep if you make yourself believe that."

"That's a lie. You can't tell your heart who you like and don't like."

"I know, I was just trying to cheer you up." Winnie responded. I smiled and hugged her.

"Me knows. That's why you're my best friend."

"Well, anyway, it's time for class. Let's go." She got up just as the bell rang and dragged me towards class.

Shame on me…new story when I'm not even done with hidden trust within the enemy ::Shakes head:: anyways, I hope you enjoyed this =)