-3/12/2003-Chapter 2: Unexpected Surprise

My sophomore year quickly passed, and Justin and I became closer friends. As we grew closer, my feelings for him deepened. I tried getting over him by liking another guy. I couldn't. Everything about the 'other' guy was compared back to Justin. Instead of getting rid of my feelings for him, they just grew stronger. I just couldn't get Justin out of my mind. He was like a ghost. He was constantly haunting me and still haunts me. I can't touch or feel him, but I can see him so clearly. So close, yet so far…

I woke up with the sun shinning in my eyes. I yawned, stretched, and glanced at the calendar. I groaned into the pillow. "Goddamnit. Only three more weeks before school starts again and I will be a junior. Ahhhhh! The torture…the pain of hard work…" I wailed. I covered myself with the blanket and tried to fall back asleep even if it was already 1:00 PM. Thirty seconds later, the phone rang. I lethargically crawled to the phone and picked it up.

"Hello?" I moaned into the phone.

"Stacey?" a male voice questioned.

"yeah…what you want?" I asked the caller.

"Do you even know who I am?"

"Of course I do," I responded although I didn't have the slightest clue of who it was, "So…what's been up with you?"

"Nothing much. I went to Great American yesterday! It was so tight. Man, top gun was fun…so was drop zone."

"I'm glad you had fun." I automatically replied because I was still racking through my brain of who the hell this was.

"So Stace…what have you been up to?"

"JUSTIN!" I yelled into the phone.

"Yeah..that's me. May I help you?"

"Uh. No…nothing." I mumbled. I was so embarrassed. That was so pathetic! I could feel myself turning red at my stupid comment.

"If you say so. Anyway, I was wondering, do you want to chill with me today?"

"Of course. So what do you want to do?"

"Actually, I..uhh..am…uhh..grounded…so do you think you could come over to my house?" Justin asked me sheepishly.

"Hahahah…what did you do this time?"

"HEY! I didn't do anything. So yeah…come over to my place whenever you ready, okay?"

"Mmmk…give me one hour to get to your place. Later Justin."

"Bye." and Justin hung up. I could feel energy starting to form within me. A smile was growing on my face. I get to see Justin for the first time in the whole summer! And he called me too! I screamed happily within me. I missed him so much…and I get to see him now and we get to be alone…ALONE?! That's not good…what if there's awkward silences…what if…CHILL out, Stacey! "I'm calm…I'm calm…" I said in attempt to soothe my nerves. It wasn't working. By the time I arrived at Justin's apartment, I was more nervous than before. I never did like showing up at people's home especially if their parents aren't home. I just hope I don't do anything stupid. I thought to myself and rang the doorbell. He buzzed me up and I went up to the 17th floor where his apartment was where I was greeted with a hug.

"Hey," I whispered into his ear, "I missed you."

"Missed you too," he responded and hugged me tightly. I never realized how much I actually missed him until I saw him this very moment. He still looked the same. Throughout the whole summer, he hadn't changed a single bit. Justin released me and told me to follow him. He flung his door opened and announced, "This…is my rooom." I smirked. "Yeah so what if it's messy." I laughed.

"Don't worry, Justin, my room is waaaay messier. Trust me on that," I said as I observed his room. His bed was in one corner while his desk and computer was in another. Books, papers, and clothes were strewn on his bed, floor, and chair. I like his room…very roomy…no shit, Stace. It is a room. I knew that. Now don't get too nervous…Justin promptly placed his hands on my waist while I was speculating and threw me over his shoulder.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" I shrieked. "Let me down, Justin. Please."

"hrm…alright." He answered and slowly lowered me the floor. I was about to give a sigh of relief, but he decided to give me a heart attack instead. He started turning around and all I could see were the walls going faster and faster and becoming more distorted.

"Justin, you are so going to die!" I growled into his ear.

"Will not."

"Will too."

"Nopes," he replied, and quickly skidded to a stop and threw me onto his bed.

"BASTARD," I shouted as soon as I felt myself getting released. I felt a bounce or two on his bed before I stopped. I looked up at the ceiling and saw it closing in and out and squeezing…and ugh…I feel sick…I rolled onto my side and closed my eyes.

"Hey, Stace…You okay?" he asked worriedly, leaning close to me.

"I'm fine"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I just can't handle dizziness very well." I replied. I felt his forefinger stroke my cheek gently. I opened my eyes and smiled at him before I closed my eyes again. I felt his gaze on me, then I realized I was still on his bed.

"Sorry. I'll get up."

"No no no..It's okay." Ignoring is plea, I removed myself from his bed, and stood up. As soon as my feet left his bed, he dived into it.

"And you told me that I could stay in it….I'll never get guys."

"heh. You got it wrong." Before I could question his response, he pulled me on top of him with my arms on both sides of his shoulders and his arms wrapped around my waist. Okay…what is he doing? This feels wrong…weird…bad…and good at the same time. Isn't he with Karrena still?Forget it...just enjoy the moment. Letting my self relax and pushing my 'angel' within me aside, I placed my head on his chest and allowed myself to mold into him and a soft sigh escaped from my lips. He smiled and rubbed his hand soothingly along my back.

God…this feels so good…