Warriors Saga: Birth: Matched

A series by Deadly Warrior (ollie_the_magic_bum45 )

(Just a note, I am accepting character requests for the story)

The five perfect lifeforms walked calmly throughout the halls of Ozaga's fortress, dodging the constant attacks of the guards. But soon, they would meet something that was more then a match for them.

The PA system boomed on again, and Ozaga's voice bellowed through the halls again.

"Every damn guard in the building, attack the intruders!"

"Great, more crap to deal with," said Delta slowly.

And again, guards sped down the halls, charging the five brothers. Before they could shoot, though, all five drew their weapons and charged them. Now they opened fire, but they dodged it with ease.

"Say goodbye," said Deadly as he charged some energy, "Darkness Sting!"

Black energy sped towards the guards, killing them on impact. More guards piled in, but now, it was their sword's turn to kill. Gamma whipped his two Daggers into a guard's face, and then retracted them. Deadly spun his two swords around madly, impaling and slashing guards. One guard tried shooting at Deadly, but Beta was behind the marksman. He delivered three punches to the back of his head, then a kick into the back, sending the guard forwards.

Deadly then stabbed him. Omega killed the last guard, and then they carried on. Delta noticed a security camera, and blasted it, causing much noise.

"Great move," sighed Gamma.

Ozaga sat in his chair, watching the intruders from an array of video cameras. Then, one went black.

"Hmmm. So they are destroying video cameras now? Great. Well, I need to bring out the artillery," he said to himself.

He pressed a button on his chair, and 4 guards walked into his room.

"Yes my lord?" asked one.

"Release Chaos Equinox from his holding cell, and tell him to destroy the 5 intruders. And give him his staff back,"

"At once, my lord,"

The guards scurried out of the room like mice, and Ozaga grinned evilly.

The brothers stopped walking. They could hear something.

"What is that?" asked Delta.

"I don't know, but I bet it is against us," came the reply from Omega.

They all drew their blades, and waited. Soon, it came into view. What looked like man in black robes holding a large staff walked up to them.

"You are the intruders Ozaga told me to kill? Well, weaklings, prepare to die!" said the man as he lifted his staff.

"Wait! Who the hell are you!?" asked Delta.

"I am Chaos Equinox, the strongest Sorcerer this planet has known!"

"Well, now that we know your name, lets go!"

Even before the five could even walk, Chaos stuck his staff into the ground, causing a shock wave to rip across the hall. They fell back, and slammed hard into the ground. Chaos pulled the staff out of the ground, and ran over to his newfound foes. He attempted to stab his staff into Deadly, but he jumped up, and deflected it with his swords. Deadly backflipped, dodging Chao's staff strikes. Deadly through one of his blades at the sorcerer, but he stopped it in mid air with his staff. Using magic, he turned sword back at Deadly, and sent it speeding towards him. Deadly ducked, and when the sword was above him, he grabbed the handle. He took stance again as his brothers emerged.

"I think it would be smart if we attacked him one at a time, that way we can wear down his energy," said Gamma.

"Good idea," replied Omega.

"I'll go first," said Delta as he stepped up.

"Fine, I'll take you, you god damn cocky warrior!" yelled Chaos.

"Let's go!"

Delta drew his sword, a Katana, and charged the sorcerer, only to be thrown back by a magical blast. He regained his footing, and flew into the air. Chaos tried taking him down with more blasts from his staff, but he realized it wasn't working. He flew up also, and rushed Delta. He tried hitting Delta, but he teleported behind him. He punched Chaos, sending him forward, but he countered by thwacking Delta in the head, causing him to pass out. Delta slumped to the ground, unconscious.

"See how strong I am? I defeated this warrior with such ease!" yelled Chaos.

Gamma stepped up.

"Let's see how you can match to a real warrior!" said Gamma as he drew his Daggers.

Chaos gripped his staff tighter.

"Let's go, weakling!"

Gamma ran towards the evil magician, and tried stabbing at him with his daggers.

"Barrier of the Equinox!" yelled Chaos as a purple barrier protected from the swipe.

He countered with a kick into Gamma's face, making him spit up blood. But he regained posture, and slashed Chaos on his chest. He yelled agony, but continued on. He floated into the air, and through his staff at Gamma. He dodged it, and it impaled itself into the wall, sending a wave of Dark Magic. Gamma flipped, just avoiding the wave. He then charged some energy and unleashed it upon the unsuspecting Sorcerer. Since he didn't have his staff, he could not block it. Chaos took the full force of the blast, singing his body. Gamma then rushed him again, and stabbed his two daggers into him. Chao's eyes widened, and Gamma pulled the daggers out. He sheathed them, and charged a massive KI wave.

"Fury of the five!" he yelled as it unleashed itself onto Chaos Equinox.

He stood there, dumbfounded as the wave engulfed him, burning away his body. The blast blew a hole through the wall, sending the dead Sorcerer out of the fortress. This was a huge fortress mind you, so even if the blast didn't kill him, the fall would. Gamma turned and walked back to his brothers, and helped Delta up.

"Are you ok?"

"Still dazed, but I'll be fine."

As they were about to leave, they saw a dark figure down the hall.

"So, you defeated Chaos Equinox? No matter, it's time for me to dispose of you myself!" said the figure.

He stepped out of the shadows, revealing himself to be Ozaga. Now, the final battle will begin.