The Warriors Saga: Birth: Battle with Oazaga

A story by Deadly Warrior

Author's notes: If you want to know what Ozaga looks like, picture Quan Chi from Mortal Kombat in Uruk-Hai (Lord of the Rings) armor. And also, KI is another word for energy.

Ozaga stood just out of the shadows, staring down the five warriors.

"So it's finally come down to this," said Deadly Warrior.

"Yes it has, and now, it is time to die!"

Ozaga unsheathed two large Broadswords, and grinned. He held one above his head, and the other by his knee. Beta stepped up to the bat. He drew his sword, and took a Tae-Kwon-Do pose, and gave Ozaga the "Bring it on" signal. Ozaga obeyed it, and walked over to Beta. He tried a downward slash with both Broadswords, but Beta blocked it. He then kicked swiftly into Ozaga's stomach, sending him back.

But Ozaga was much stronger then that. He jumped into the air, and kicked Beta in the face. Beta flew back and slammed hard against the wall, dropping his sword. He bent down and picked up his sword, only to have Ozaga grab it from his hand.

"You wont be needing this!" he said as he threw Beta's sword out the side of the fortress.

Beta fell to his knees, but he charged some energy and got up again. Energy flared in his eyes. He sped over to Ozaga, and punched the Broadsword in his right hand, shattering it.

"What?! My Broadswords are made out of adamantium alloy!"

"Too bad for you!"

Beta punched Ozaga in the face now, sending him back into the same wall he was in a minute ago. But Ozaga did not hit the wall. He sprung his feet from it, and punched Beta in face with an uppercut, sending him flying into the air, and threw the ceiling. Beta kept flying up and up, until Ozaga pulled him down with some energy. Beta slammed hard onto the ground, and he phased out. Ozaga laughed maniacally, and kicked Beta's limp body over to the others.

Deadly Warrior stepped up to the tyrant.

"Ozaga, you may have beaten Beta, but there is no way you will beat me!"

"We'll see, warrior!"

Ozaga lifted into the air and rushed Deadly. Swinging his Broadsword with one hand, he tried to sever Deadly's head, but he ducked. Deadly then drew his Katana, and swung it diagonally. Ozaga blocked it with his sword, and then punched into Deadly's gut. He staggered a few steps, but then steadied himself. Deadly swung his Katana, and tried lunging at the madman, but with no avail. Ozaga then elbowed Deadly in the back of his head, sending him to the ground.

Deadly coughed some blood up, but sprung to his feet in an instant. He felt anger inside him, much like Beta had. He lunged at Ozaga, and this time, he was succesful. He severed Ozaga's sword hand, sending both the sword and the hand out the hole in the wall.

"Gahhhhhhhh!" yelled Ozaga as he fell limp to the ground.

"It's time, Ozaga," said Deadly, "Time to die!"

But Ozaga was not afraid. Instead, he was laughing. Despite the amount of pain he was in, he got up, and smiled.

"Sure, you may have weakened me by much, but I still have tricks!"

Ozaga snapped his fingers, and disappeared.

"What?!" yelled Deadly, "Where did he go?!"

All five were silent for a moment, but it was then shattered by a mechanical voice on the PA.

"T-5 Minutes to Self-Destruction."

"Damn! Come on, we have to get out of here!" said Gamma.

Omega picked up Beta, who was still unconscious, and they ran for the door. They couldn't jump out the window and fly due to that the fortress was to high, and the pressure would overcome them. Delta kicked the door down, and the others followed. The guards noticed them, but they didn't care, they just wanted to get out alive. Running as fast as they could, the five managed to get down to the main level.

"T-2 minutes until Self-Destruction," the voice announced again.

They could now see the main exit, and Gamma blasted the door down, they scrambled out. Now they charged some energy, and sped out as fast as they could. Gamma looked behind the others and saw the fortress explode. They all slowed down, and stopped.

"Our mission is complete," said Beta as he regained consciousness.

"Not yet," said Delta as he pointed up.

A massive airship hovered a hundred meters above them. It was clear it was Ozaga's. All five hovered up to it's level, and saw Ozaga in the window.