Originally, this was intended to be a song. But it's not really a song, it's more of a poem. I never finished it, and I think you can tell that. However, I really don't have inspiration for it anymore (especially because I said I'd finish way back in 2001, and it's still not done in July of 2003), though I did try to make it sound like it ends right. Please review and tell me what you think.

Second Chances
© 2001 Caitlin Spain

We stood hand in hand against the world
Never fearing what would come our way.
I was content by your side
And you never failed me.
You gave me strength, undying love
But some things I never saw.
I didn't do anything for myself,
You were there one step ahead of me.
You never let me die for you
You never let me pray for you
You never let me give you my love
You said hold on to it
Now I wish had second chances.
You're gone and I can't fix that.
They broke you down, but I couldn't get near you.
I saw you shed your lonely tears.
And when you needed me most,
You only wanted loneliness

Please return to me as one made whole.

I can't help but miss the you I used to know.