Innocence Lost –Prologue

The creation of a Schizophrenic Vampire


By Cartoonist Kep

Nothing I do is acceptable..

Or at least accepted by the public whom which I attempt to abide by…

Nothing I say is retainable.

As if I myself where worth nothing in this sphere of thousands…

In the long run that doesn't seem fair…

Because if they won't accept my actions?

How can I ever accept theirs?

A small boy sat in the corner of a large room, his knees where pressed up into his chest, his arms wrapped tightly around the two limbs creating red welts within the pale flesh. Dark hair fell into dark indigo blue eyes stared blankly at what was before them, the bottoms of the soft lids flooding with tears. He didn't like the things he saw. No he was just afraid of them, it had nothing to do with weather or not he liked them or not.

"Stay down." The large man commanded to the pale figure of a longhaired being upon the hard floor. The smaller being whimpered gently, as the man came towards the small boy. "What did you do this time?" he yelled yanking the child up by his right arm, sending a shooting pain along the railways of the frantic nervous system.

"N-n- nothing!" The kid yelled struggling from his fathers grip, slightly only to deserve sharp blow at the side of his head.

"Don't lie to me boy!" roared the man, his father…

"I didn't do anything!"

A sharp twist in the kid's arm made a sudden pain scream though the body of such a small child, Tears came down the child's cheeks unable to stop their unforgivable coarse. "I'll teach you to lie to me Morgan!" The father let his son go, and the six-year-old boy fell to the floor holding his aching arm tightly within his free hand. The man, nothing close to that of a father slung his belt from around his waist, and held it tightly within his large hand, he then placed his other hand around his child's arm in one move yanking him to his feet.

"I'll ask you one more time Morgan." He began once more. "What did you do?" Morgan sobbed more, the tears falling to the floor splattering against hardened wood.

"I..i…don't know Daddy.." He sniffed

"And I don't know what the hec you lie." And with that the man raised his belt.

Alone in the now silent darkness that child cried, the tears making his face as red as the marks beneath his cotton shirt. He hugged himself tightly just sitting there in that room, his room sobbing, and whenever his body shook the painful marks hurt , and that just made the child continue crying. His father had long since left, dragging his mother from the floor only to create more of a night mare. But the long leather belt still lay on the floor in its snake like ways. The child looked over at the leather strap, eyes shimmering through the dim moon light night, as they stared at his fathers weapon, that had once been so tightly wrapped around the man's waist.

"What's wrong?" Asked a comforting voice, and a sudden almost warm grip wrapped it's self soothingly around the boy's chest.

"Daddy got mad..." He confessed.

"And why is that?" the voice whispered close to Morgan's ear. Morgan sniffed rubbing his nose with his small arm.

"Because … "He stalled "Because I was bad…"

"And why was that?"

" I don't know…." The child whimpered shaking himself, despite the dangerous creaking noiseless the floor made below him. "I don't know…"

"Are you scared?" Whispered the voice in an almost coaxing manner. Morgan nodded a bit more as if not willing to verbally answer the voice.

"Do not worry…" Morgan looked to his left; at the direction the voice seemed to be coming from. " I will never allow him to truly harm you..." and with that a soft hand stroked underneath the Childs chin. Morgan gulped a bit swallowing hard.. He leaned into that voice, and just continued to cry, within the streaming shadows of dying moonlight. "I will protect you my darling. I promise…."

I promise

And the words echoed on in the six year old's dreams for what seemed as forever.