~*~Distant Memories ~*~

You were once everything to me
Maybe it was meant to be
Guess I could not deny fate
Even it wasn't fair, in any rate

Rolled down my cheek was a single tear
And my heart filled with fear
Couldn't avoid the echo of your name
I longed for you, but nothing came

I thought there were nothing can keep us apart
But now I know, that wasn't smart
I used to believe fairytales are true
Now I learned the lesson, taught by you

I tried to put everything behind
I thought there were nothing, I need to mind
Then I knew, that I was wrong
I was not prepared, not so strong

Now I only see you at the starry night sky
And the northern star makes me wanna cry
You said you will always be up there for me
Every time I look up and see

Tonight, the moon rises up high
I could feel you, flying by
I saw the northern star, shimmering at me
I know it's you… and I can see

You will always be the one I love
You will always be watching from above
You will always be in my heart
No matter what happens, no matter how hard

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