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It's All About Being Perfect

Chapter Two

Electra ran her fingers down Darren's broad, bare back, lightly touching his soft skin. She let her fingers wander without really thinking about them, however, she made sure they did not touch the black and blue bruise in between his shoulder blades. Electra bent down and kissed the bruise delicately. He smiled.

"Sorry about that", she whispered.

Now he laughed softly. "It's by far the least of my worries."

"What is the most of your worries?" Electra asked, slightly confused.

Darren rolled over onto his back and pulled Electra down to lie next to him, her head resting on his shoulder. She draped an arm over his hairless chest and waited. His rhythmic breathing was relaxing and it was slowly making her more and more tied.

Finally he took a deep breath and spoke. "I've been noticing little things that are scattered all over the place. Things that make me doubt what we are doing here."

"What do you mean?" Electra asked, now completely confused.

"I don't know how to explain it. Just keep your eyes and ears open. You'll do that for me, won't you baby?"

"I'll do anything for you and you know that", she whispered in his ear.

He turned his head to face her. Very gently he kissed her. Tingles shot through her body and she lent in for another kiss. For the first time in a month Electra felt truly happy. It was like that, that she fell asleep, happy and wrapped in his arms.

The two medics in the hospital ward were still working away, even though it was around three in the morning. They worked quickly and efficiently, having already done this before. From the back of a van, parked near the door, the medics were removing boxes of medicine, shipped in especially. Under the fading cover of darkness they brought the boxes into the ward, without the knowledge of the majority of the base's inhabitants.

What they did not know was that they were not the only ones out that late. A lone figure lay in the shrubs, ten metres from where they worked. The figure shifted their position, adjusting so they caught everything from the lens of their camera. Their finger was continually clicking the button, taking a row of pictures. They were still watching when another person emerged from the shadows. This person, although still unidentifiable, was easily a man. This shocked the figure. This was more than they expected.

Immediately they took their last few shots and scrambled backwards quietly. Tucking the camera securely under their arm, they slipped away, unnoticed.

Electra opened her eyes slowly; afraid of what she knew she would see. She was the only one in her room. Electra sighed and ran her hand over the crumpled sheets next to her. This was the worst part of the morning. Waking up without Darren was the only thing she dreaded about his visits. It just made her miss him more.

She glanced over at her alarm clock and was startled by what she saw. It was 6:30. She had half an hour to get ready and be at the mess hall for the morning meeting and roll call. In a split second Electra was out from under the covers, feeling vulnerable in her nakedness. Wrapping her dressing gown around her, she ran out into the hallway and ducked into the bathroom, turning the water on in the shower. While the water was heating up, Electra ran back out into the hallway and into the lounge room, grabbing her freshly pressed army uniform that was delivered yesterday by the cleaners. With those tucked under her arm and some underwear, Electra ran back into the bathroom and jumped in the shower.

It only took her a minute to wash herself clean from last night and then she was out again, drying herself hurriedly. She slipped into her army greens and was out of the bathroom, plaiting her wet hair as she went. In the kitchen, Electra made herself some toast and a glass of orange juice for breakfast. Normally she would just skip breakfast, but she had learnt earlier that in her lifestyle, she could not work without some food in her stomach. As she ate she was at the same time putting on her big, chunky, black, lace up boots.

Bolting down the last of her breakfast, Electra dashed back into the bathroom to brush her teeth and then she was out the door, grabbing her keys as she went. As she ran down the short garden path to her gate she noticed how much louder the clinking sound was around her neck. Electra stopped short and looked down to her dog tags; instead of two there were three! She looked at the third one and was pleasantly surprised to see who's it was. It was Darren's. He must have slipped it on my neck last night, Electra thought, but why?

With a jolt Electra remembered her great rush to arrive on time and pushed the question to the back of her mind, running for her jeep.

Electra pulled her jeep up in the car park outside the mess hall, pressing the brake a little to hard. She was out of the car in a second, not even bothering to lock it, and running to the double doors. She tried the handle. It was locked!

Electra groaned in despair. She had to get in there without being noticed, but how was she supposed to do that when she was just about to miss roll call. Electra knew the punishment for being late, although never having felt it herself. Several years ago Zoe Gerald, one of her best friends, had been late and they had taken her away. When she returned, Zoe was not the same. She was quiet and withdrawn, forever frowning. It took Electra and her friends a long time to break through Zoe's sadness and they were appalled by what they found.

Their commanders had taken Zoe into an empty room with a high ceiling and with her hands tied behind her back, forced her to do an impossible task. They asked her to hang from a swinging bar at the top of the ceiling for five minutes, using only the backs of her toes as support, all the while questioning her time and time again over why she was late. Every time she slipped and fell she had landed on her head, until after twenty failed attempts they concluded that she had by now learnt her lesson. From that day onwards Zoe, although recovering to her normal self, had never again slept in, in fact she hardly ever slept at all now, being the first one at the mess hall every morning.

Electra shivered at the memory before diverting her course and rounding on a door at the back of the mess hall, behind the front stage, unfortunately the same place where the high-ranking officers sat as the morning notices are read. She would get severely punished for sneaking in because the honourable thing would be face her punishment like a soldier, something that Electra would normally do, however it was the questions that worried her. She could not lie to them. They would see straight through her and there was no way that she wanted to tell them the truth. Sexual based relationships were prohibited and Electra knew that if they found out, that she would never see Darren again.

Taking a deep breath, Electra opened the door and slipped in behind the huge curtain, designed as the American flag, which lined the back wall. From the darkness Electra peered out at the scene before her. She had never seen the roll call from this angle before and was surprised by the over whelming number of people lined up on the floor. All of them dressed in their army greens; boys to the left, girls to the right; were actually standing in alphabetical order.

Electra was still looking out at the soldiers when she felt someone next to her. She did not move, hoping that she would not be spotted. The wait was agonising and eventually Electra felt sure that she could move. She let out a quiet sigh, just as someone's hand clamped tightly over her mouth.

Electra went to squirm but a stern whisper stopped her. "Don't make a sound. Its me!"

Slowly the hand was removed from her mouth and Electra spurn around to face Darren. "Why did you scare me like that?" she hissed silently.

"Sorry", he mumbled, kissing her on the edge of her ear.

An unwanted smile passed across Electra's face, which she tried to suppress quickly. Darren gave a look that said, quite easily, 'I saw that'. Electra just ignored him and concentrated on the messages General Hendry was giving.

"Today, after roll call, you will all need to have a vaccination against a disease known as DX453. Only yesterday our scientists completed the formula to give you immunity to the disease created by the Russians that immobilises your body. It is imperative that all of you get vaccinated and those that do not shall receive adequate punishments." Electra saw a collective shiver pass through the soldiers, similar to the one she felt. "That is all for today." General Hendry turned to his subordinates. "Its all yours."

They nodded and stood to up, moving to their own lines. Electra started. What was she supposed to do?

"Follow me", Darren whispered as if he'd read her mind. "I've done this hundreds of times."

Darren skirted out from behind the curtain and slipped behind another long curtain along the wall. They shuffled with their backs pressed against the brick wall, passing only one door. Electra frowned. 'I didn't know there was a door here!' Electra was so busy thinking about other things that she almost walked right into Darren.

Darren was standing on the other side of a split in the curtains. He motioned for her to look out carefully. Electra peeked through the gap and was surprised to see her line. Hurriedly she searched for her marker and saw him two lines up from her.

"Go quickly", he whispered.

Electra gave him a fleeting smile before she checked that the coast was clear and slipped into her line, catching curious glares from several soldiers. Electra just hoped that none of them would condemn her as she found her place in the line.

After fifteen minutes all rolls were marked and they were moving into one long line; that eventually split into two, to be injected. As Electra stood patiently, thanking her lucky stars, she felt a hand tap her on the shoulder. Turning only slightly, Electra saw Darren. She gave him a curious glance and looked back to the front. Before long she felt Darren's breath warm against her neck.

"Don't take the injection."

Electra turned around startled. "What did you say?"

"Don't take the injection."

"Are you out of your mind?" Electra whispered, incredulously. "You heard General Hendry. There will be a serve punishment if they find out that you did not get the injection. They WILL find out. Anyway, why would I want to miss the injection? Its to give me immunity to a deadly virus." Electra could not believe she was hearing this from Darren. They were soldiers and when given an order they were to follow that. So what was he up to?

"You said last night that you'd do anything for me. Well, will you please do this?"