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Electra's stubbornness seemed to crumble against the thought of last night. She sighed. "Alright, I'll do it, but how?"

"Ask to do the injection yourself. Make up a reason that they'll believe but don't really inject yourself", Darren said, barely audible.

Electra's heart was thumping so hard and fast as she nodded her 'ok' that she thought it was going to pop out of her chest. 'Calm yourself', she thought, 'This is not the first time you've lied.' But then again, it was the first time she had lied against her country. After a deep breath she pushed the idea from her mind and tried to force serenity upon herself. It did not work.

Soon the line began to split into the two lines. Electra looked at each of the medical staff performing the injections. To her left was an older man, possibly late fifties, whom Electra had received many injections from. Electra assessed him and came to the conclusion that he was not going to do. He had been doing this for too long, probably knowing all the tricks Electra could use. She looked to the other person. It was a young male, whom Electra had never seen before. Electra was not really sure what it was, but she saw something in his face that made up her mind. She took the right line.

After more agonising minutes of waiting Electra was finally at the young man. Electra looked at him and found that she could read him like a book. Although Electra was trained to do that, it was not very common to be able to do that inside the base. She read that he found her quite attractive and that he was easily susceptible to her charm. It was almost too easy.

Her heart still pounding furiously, making her feel slightly sick in her stomach, Electra leaned over the table drawing the man's attention to her. He stopped midway through preparing the syringe. Electra looked at the ground, focusing really hard, before facing back to the man. When she turned her eyes to him he saw a great vulnerability and nervousness in her eyes.

Electra watched his pasty face with apprehension. He seemed entranced by the expression in her eyes. She relaxed a little.

"Excuse me, sir. May I please do the injection myself? You see…" Electra pretended to stumble for the correct word. "You see not long ago, while out in deployment, I was captured", Electra mumbled in a panicky voice. "They did some really… horrible things to me using needles… and I haven't quite forgotten it. I was just wondering if you could, well, let me do the injection myself because of…" She let her voice trail off.

Once again she turned to face the ground; however she kept an eye on the young man's face. He was still staring at her, small tuffs of dirty blonde hair poking out from under the medical hair net. Electra watched as a guard in the background noted the long stoppage and began to move towards them. He was taking too long.

Electra's mind started to go into overdrive. What to do? What happens if the guard makes it all the way over here? Taking a deep breath, Electra forced tears into her eyes.

She lifted her head slightly so that only the young man could see and moaned, "Please!"

Immediately he snapped out of it and continued preparing the syringe. Did it work? Turning his hazel eyes back to her, he handed her the handle end of the syringe. Electra felt an enormous serge of relief. She prepped the vein in her arm and then moving her arm so that the man could not see, she injected the needle, missing the vein. Electra felt such a pain that it was unimaginable. She was going to pay dearly for that. Electra rolled up her sleeve, got her name marked off and moved on.

As she moved to a safe vantage point, Electra watched Darren's progress. How was he going to get out of having the injection? He could not do what she did.

Darren's line was stationary at this moment and he was kneeling down, re-tying his shoelace. It was only when Electra looked twice that she noticed what he was really doing. Darren was cautiously untying the shoelace of the female in front of him. As puzzling at this was, Electra did not think too much into it. All she could say was: that Darren had a plan!

He stood back up and his line moved, verging to the left, towards the older man. Electra watched fuzzy, white haired man, with a drooping neck, injected a man in front of Darren and the female. The line was just about to move again when the girl stumbled and fell, knocking off a small amount of equipment from the table. Darren moved as quick as lightning to place himself before the girl. In what appeared a genuine show of concern, he bent down and helped her off the floor. Electra watched on in disbelief as Darren got his name marked off and moved on.

She was still gazing at Darren when he looked directly at her and flicked his eyes to his left. Electra caught on and moved in his direction, but taking a different route. In one of the further away corners they met.

"How did you do that?" Electra whispered, getting mixed up in the brilliance of his plan, completely forgetting herself and her misgivings.

"I created a minor diversion by stepping on her shoelaces then confused the target. That man before me, who actually got the injection, Mike; I think his name is; is going to have a lot of trouble coming his way though."

Electra, suddenly remembering herself, gave Darren a disapproving look. Leaning in closer she hissed, "Now why did I put myself in such a dangerous situation? And don't tell me it's because I love you, because that won't work this time!"

Darren's face turned shockingly serious and Electra was taken back. "Things aren't all that they seem. You see-" However, Electra did not get to see, as a shrill whistle cut through the air. Darren turned quickly to Electra. "No matter how absurd or immoral it sounds… do exactly as they say!"

And with that he was running, Electra following close behind, though diverting to her own line. Standing at attention, her crystal blue eyes trained on the pacing Drill Sergeant. The man topped beside one of Electra's friends, Lisa Jordan. Lisa was tiny girl, with a very fragile appearance, but with a burning fire inside, equal to the biggest man on Earth. She had light blonde hair tied in a bun that is incredibly wavy when out, foggy green eyes and the longest eyelashes Electra had ever seen.

"Soldier, step forward!" Drill Sergeant Nickson roared, his face inches from Lisa's.

Lisa complied. Nickson continued to move along the lines. As he did so, Electra watched General Hendry. If she had not been paying absolute attention, like she was, she would have missed the slight nod that he gave. Immediately Drill Sergeant Nickson stopped walking.

"Soldier, move to the front", he yelled once again.

The soldier he was speaking to moved to the front and stood just down from Lisa. It was Mike, the man Darren had mentioned. He was easily taller than Lisa with black as black hair and big, bushy eyebrows that joined in the middle of his forehead. They seemed almost robotic in their movements.

"Face each other!" They did. Nickson then did something that Electra could not understand. Efficiently he removed his handgun and gave it to Lisa. "Kill him", was the order he gave.

Without hesitation Lisa lined up mile and let fire. Mike did not even attempt to move. He just stood there with an unreadable expression on his face. Lisa's bullet went true and struck Mike in the chest, lifting his feet off the floor and throwing him backwards. He hit the polished wooden floor with an almighty thud and remained still. Electra jumped, however she was the only one to do so. Everyone else remained still with indifferent expressions on their faces, looking only to the front. Electra quickly followed suite although she could not rid herself of the sickening feeling in her stomach.

Hendry stood onto feet. "Thankyou Nickson. Pair them up now." Then he left the building at his ambling pace.

As Nickson set about dividing them into pairs Electra passed beside Darren. "What the hell is going on?" she hissed.

"All my information is in my office. Come over tonight and I'll explain it to you then."

Electra nodded and then swiftly hurried on, feeling as if her mind was overloading, not fully comprehending.

The rest of the day was horror filled. Electra was exhausted both mentally and physically by the end of it all. Some of the unthinkable things Electra did turned her stomach again and again. She could not even think them to herself. All she wanted to do was go home and so she did.

Electra shrugged on her ankle length, light brown, knitted jacket over top of the baggy, dark blue jeans and black, turtle neck jumper she was wearing. Only moments ago she had dragged herself from out of a two-hour bath, in which she had been wallowing in her aches and pains and questions. It was around eleven o'clock, the time Darren expected her.

Quickly she plaited her dripping wet hair into her customary plait and headed to the door. Taking her time she slipped on her black army boots, stuffed her keys in her pocket and slipped silently out her door. The winter air was chilly around her neck, making her shiver just a little. Keeping a low profile she skirted out onto the footpath and hurried left down the main street. A couple of metres down from her house, Electra sprinted across the road and entered the male's housing area.

It was pretty much identical to the females except for an extra apartment building, added because of the growing amount of males present. Electra once again ran a couple of metres to the left before turning down a narrow street, away from the main road. Small apartment-like houses similar to Electra's lined both sides of the street with tiny gardens in various states of ill repair. It was very uncommon to see a well-maintained garden in any yard, due to the very little time the soldiers had to themselves.

Electra jogged until she was four houses down before crossing the road again. She was now on the right side of the street, directly in front of Darren's house. Not bothering with the gate, jumping it instead, Electra ran up the front steps and tapped lightly on the door. She only had to wait a second before it was opened a tiny bit and she saw Darren's eyes looking out at her.

Hurriedly he opened the door and ushered her in. "You're late!" he stated.

"I know. I'm sorry", she whispered back, shutting the door behind. This time she spoke a little louder. "I had a lot to think about."

A shadow of a smile passed across Darren's face. "I suspect you would have."

The layout of Darren's house was exactly the same as Electra's; bedroom straight off to the right, lounge to the left, kitchen further down on the same side, just down from the bathroom, then the dining room directly onto the study. However, his furniture was a little different. His lounge suite was black leather in front of a humongous flat screen television, his pride and joy; he saved long and hard to get it. The carpet and wall colour were much the same as Electra's; grey carpet, crème walls.

They hugged briefly before sharing an intense kiss. Oh, how she longed for that body! Electra had to slap herself mentally. There was no time for that. She did not come here for that. She came here for answers and that was what she was going to get.

Darren stood there awkwardly. "Uh, well I suppose I should explain."

Electra allowed herself a small chuckle despite the seriousness involved before replying, "That would be good."

"I don't really know where to start." There was a pause. "Maybe it would work best if we go down to my study. All the information is stored there."

They began to move towards his study. "Does this all have to do with that drug?"

Darren nodded. "That's the main thing in all of this."

"Really? How?"

Darren did not get time to answer. At that very moment there came a knock on the door. It was soft yet urgent.

"Are you expecting anyone else?" Electra whispered.

"No", Darren replied, terribly confused. "You'd better hide."

"Where is safe?"

"In my room." He began walking back to the door, Electra hot on his heels. Darren turned before reaching the door to grab her hand, giving it a tight squeeze.

Electra darted into Darren's room and closed the door, leaving it slightly ajar. She could hear Darren opening the door and there was a muffled conversation. The door closed again and Electra heard what sounded like sobbing. She peeked out the door.

Darren and the other person were standing face to face with Darren facing Electra. Although there was very little light, Electra would know that back anywhere. It was Celeste. What was she doing here?

Snippets of the conversation reached Electra's ears. "I'm worried about Electra, Darren."

"How so?"

"She's been acting strange!"

Electra frowned. Strange? What was Celeste talking about? She had never been acting strange?

"What do you mean?" Darren asked.

"It's hard to explain… I just can't stand to see her like this!" Immediately Celeste burst into tears, sobbing and coughing. "May I please have a drink of water?" Celeste asked, spluttering.

"Sure", Darren muttered distractedly, turning his back on her and heading to the kitchen.

It was at that moment that Electra saw the blade. Electra's mind blundered. Knife? A knife?

Swiftly, with expert precision, Celeste whipped the knife out from behind her back and flung it at Darren. Electra did not even get a chance to cry out before the blade embedded itself in his back. A short cry escaped Darren's lips before, in what felt like slow motion, he feel onto his knees. Electra watched in horror as Darren hit the floor, face down.

Sharp, excruciating pain squeezed the life out of her heart, cutting off her breathing. Tears flowed freely down her crumbled face, falling soundlessly on Darren's carpet. Her breathing came raggedly from her blocked throat. She could not believe she had just seen that happen. Had that really happened?

Celeste took a step towards Darren's crumpled figure but stopped, hesitating. Electra held her breath. What was she going to do? Celeste seemed entranced, staring at Darren. Then suddenly she turned and strode out the door, slamming it shut.

Instantly Electra bolted from her hiding spot. It only took a few steps before Electra was at Darren's body. She dropped down onto her knees. Gently, with extreme care, Electra stroked her hand through Darren's soft, brown hair. As she did so, Electra thought she saw Darren's eyes flutter.