I will always remember…

The road was gravel; I could almost feel the dirt and rocks scratching my flip-flop clad feet. Trees grew as high as the sky on either side of me, reaching to touch each other in the middle and leave only sprinkles of sunlight across the path. It was truly beautiful.

And then I saw the most beautiful thing of all. A man walked slowly ahead of me, as if waiting for me to catch up to him. In my glee to see him, I ran as hard as I could to his side. "Hey, Jesus!" I called as I ran to His side.

He didn't distinctly greet me, but I knew he heard, and I felt His comfort flowing within me. We didn't speak for a long time, but when He did, it was the thing I expected least. "What do you want?" was His question, but I didn't hear the words-they weren't even spoken into my mind. I felt his question, I guess-like a sudden tide had washed a feeling of warmth, protection, and serenity over me. I found my voice.

"Lord," I said determinedly, "I want to be free. I want to be free of the stress and vulnerability and the anger I feel all the time. I want to be strong for You, Lord. Please set me free." The last was said in a pleading voice, whispered in desperation for Jesus to emancipate me from myself.

He didn't reply once again, but I knew He heard me. Then suddenly, from nowhere, my best friend Sami came upon us as we walked. And then-and then, He did something I didn't expect Him to. Something that would help me on my way to freedom from my self-involved sins. He told her that I was vulnerable, and scared, and that I wasn't as self-confident as I appeared to be. She didn't reply to Him, but I felt her understanding. We all didn't speak for a time, and continued to walk, but then she had to leave. With a wave, my best friend was gone.

The Lord and I continued to walk in silence. It wasn't like it was awkward-we just knew each other to the point that no words were required. And personally, I loved it.

That is, until we came to the fork in the road.

I knew we had to part, for one reason or another, and I became scared and desperate. "Lord!" I cried as we began down the two forks, going our separate ways, "don't leave me! I love You too much-I never want to leave You again!"

He stopped and spoke to me, clear out, for the first time since we had walked together. "I know you don't want to leave Me," he told me, and I could feel His comfort again, "but I must go this way. Just know this-I may be leaving now, but I will never be far away." And then he left me. As simple as that.

But I was comforted. I was comforted beyond words. And I knew-I just knew-that everything would be all right.

A/N: Hey y'all! This may not be the most profound thing I've ever written, but it was something I did at church camp. They told us to visualize certain situations on a walk with Jesus, and this is what happened. I hope you saw a bit of my faith, and me-about what I'm about. If you didn't enjoy, please leave constructive criticism for me. Thanks!

P.S. The bad grammar-that was how I spoke in the visualization that we did. So don't bug me about grammar too much, please!