For ten years, the galaxy has been at war. But this is not the kind of galaxy you are probably thinking of. This is an alternate dimension, where the universe is inhabited by smileys. Everyone is at war, since the dark Smiley Lord Smaron created an army, and began taking over planets, one by one. But now, a band of Smileys bent on freedom, have joined together and recruited an army to stand against the evil forces of Lord Smaron.. (the words get smaller and smaller, A la Star Wars.)

A large ship flew across the vastness of space, but was in hot pursuit by many small fighter ships.

"Gold squad, this is Gold 4, I am going in and attacking the bridge of the enemy, over."

"Copy that Gold 4, me and Gold 6 will cover you."

The three fighters barreled into position and opened fire onto the bridge of the Capitol Ship. From inside the bridge, Smileys were flying, but the commander was staying calm.

"Sir!" yelled one of the Smileys.

"What is it Private?"

"The bridge shield is failing. One more shot and-"

The main window of the bridge shattered, and laser fire roared in. Instantly, the Vacuum of space came, and sucked out all of the smileys. The ship began to plummet to a nearby planet, flaming as it went along.

"Gold Leader, this is Gold 4. The ship is down, and preparing to return to the fleet, over."

"Copy that. Golds, let's get back to the fleet."

The small ships then activated their warpdrives, and sped off.

(scene changes to the bridge of an evil capitol ship)

Lord Smaron walked across it, with all the other smileys trembling with fear. But then, the Gold squad walked onto the bridge.

"Lord Smaron," said Gold Leader. "We have destroyed the Alliance's capitol ship carrying the location of the fleet."

"Did you actually see it get destroyed?" questioned Smaron.

"Actually, no. But it crashed onto the planet known as Drapodor."

"That is a water based planet. The ship is not destroyed, it is only in the water."

"But come now, my Lord, it must be-"

"You question my knowledge?"

" . ."

"I think you do.." Smaron said as he drew his crimson Lightsaber.

"No my Lord! Please!"

Smaron swung the saber diagonally, slicing Gold Leader in two. The rest of the ship was silent.

"You are now Gold Leader." He said as he pointed to Gold 4.

"Thank you my Lord."

Smaron deactivated the lightsaber, and looked out the window of the ship again.

(scene changes to a dense forest planet, and some Alliance smileys are being chased)

"Damn! We have got to get back to the base!" yelled one.

"I know! If those Stormsmileys keep following us, they'll reveal the position of out base!"

The troopers ran as fast as their stubby legs took them, but behind them was about 20 Stormsmilies, Smileys clad in white armor. They shot their laser guns, and disintegrated one Alliance trooper. They continued as fast as they could, until they saw their base.

"There!" yelled one.

The main door grumbled opened, and the Smileys ran inside, leaving the Stormsmileys outside. The white clad troopers opened fire on the gate, but it was impervious to blaster fire. Suddenly, 4 large turret guns emerged from the wall, and fired at the enemy. One by one all the Stormsmileys disintegrated from the immense fire. The Turrets retracted, and a Smiley jumped out of one.

"Nice work Trebot!" congratulated one Smiley.

"Thanks." Replied Trebot.

Trebot was the best pilot in the Alliance, and also a Jedi. He wiped some sweat off himself, and walked down to the lounge. There, he jumped on a couch, and fell asleep.