Claimer: Yet another work of my depression. Hope ya enjoy it too. Thanx! Review please.


I try to block you from my mind,
Your face is everywhere.

I flirt around and joke with you,
But do you really care?

I see you hang with that other girl,
With your arms always around her.

The sight of that makes me sick,
My tears are hard to cover.

I've chosen now to stop trying,
To give up on your love.

You are not my angel,
But I know you're from above.

I only have one wish,
To leave this aweful place.

To go somewhere far from here,
Never to see your face.

Your sight is full of torture,
Your touch only brings pain.

I hate not being with you,
I don't know who to blame.

There's just one way to end this,
One choice I do adore.

I bid this world farewell,
My life is now no more.

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