Rain falls to the dark pavement
Splashing against the cement
The lovely sound of pitter-patter on the singles
With happiness the sound mingles
I'm always surrounded by brightness and happiness
Though all I feel is sadness
Now for once the weather fits my mood
Though the method is quite crude
Sadness when the days are bright
Now so dark it impairs all sight
Happiness abounds with the pitter-patter on my window
I was feeling so low
Many terrible thoughts running through my head
As I lay with my thoughts tormenting me in my bed
Now I listen to the sound
And my joy abounds
There is nothing as special as rain falling on the pavement
Splashing loudly against the cement
Making music on the singles
Or falling on my window - so as to calm my mind
But what do I find?
Things were not as they used to be
The shiny wet droplets are all I see
The feeling comes, a great calm
But I fall asleep and wake with the bright dawn
For one night of peace and calm I have waited
Only to fall asleep and have it wasted.


As you can probably tell, I really like the rain. Like some people like the rain, but I love the rain. Since it's summer it hasn't rained for a long time and I was so depressed, but it rained last night and now I'm happy again... As happy as I can be...