~*~Rainy Dreams~*~

Wrote it on a rainy night… so… yeah… please enjoy.

Tonight, rain drops came from the sky
It was time to say good-bye
A rainy morning of July
That was when the dreams may die

Old memories came back
Everything went all black
Mind flowed without a track
Eyes closed I went back

The morning bells were ringing
The nightingales were singing
A rainy Saturday morning
He came without a warning

We stood silently in the rain
In his eyes, were so much pain
There were nothing to explain
How much a moment could contain

Tears mixed with water
Everything just a blur
Maybe a miracle could occur
Stood in the rain, there we were

He held me close, so tightly
My heart opened up, slightly
A kiss on the lips, so sweetly
Lost in my dreams, completely

Now that I woke up from my dream
Memories flowed like a stream
Voices in my head began to scream
Nothing was like my dearest dream

Tiny little rain drops landed
The scars in heart were mended
So many dreams had ended
Tears flowed, visions blended

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