"Meditations in the Twilight"
by Crazy Retasu

Suddenly a bell tolls and you awake
To find consciousness fleeing you,
Leaving behind only a blanket of blue,
A ribbon of pink, and a few pale roses
As gentle gifts that obscure the time.
Is it dusk now, the beginning of night?
The world whirls wildly around you until
You think it might be dawn, after all.
The leaves crowding the old branches
Whisper urgent, anxious answers,
But the questions are lost to the wind.
Perhaps the sun and moon, too, are gone,
Swept away to the past, or future-
Unless they left of their own accord.
The leaves clamor for attention.
In this ageless, unaging twilight,
You become a rock, a heavy stone,
And for the first time in forever
You feel solid, strong, and safe.