So much is happening
Overwhelming my senses.
Even the whispered words of wisdom
Don't seem to be getting through to me.
Once seeing one thing
I'm seeing different.
Hearing a familiar word
That is now born anew
And what I once believed
Has been drowned in the oceans blue.
Castles in the air
Have taken another look
Changing perspective
Of a life once lived
With varied dreams
And ambitions.
Now lost
What used to matter
No longer does
And the picture that was drawn
No longer fits its frame.
Life is changed
Will never be the same again
Filled with steps
Which I cannot stop climbing to have a rest.

Though I'm lost within its power
Glory and all.
Even though I fear
One thing I know
He won't let me fall.
And although this is so different
To what I'm used to being.
I'm now born anew.
With a spirit of free