Elegant Dedication

- A blessing
by Jilly S.T. Man

* Summary There are some blessings in a young girl's life, and this includes a description of her determination to conquer mysteries.

* Prologue A woman dressed in white walked pass by me, she stared at me in a different way. She looked curious and even had an intention to touch me. I wish I could be touched by her. This would count as my first blessing in my life. I love being loved by others, especially strangers. It was boring for me looking at my mom almost 24 hours, from dawn till dusk. My eyes got sore and tired so easily. I hope I can see new things after every blink. I want to see a whole new world every second. Or else, I would fall asleep if anyone gave me a storybook to read.

I am born to be an explorer. I love to explore things around me. At that time, I have already noticed that the world always changes in accordance to the time. The most interesting is that I saw a fish in the tank, and the position it was at always changes when time passes. This sounds complicated. When I was about 21 months, I went to my uncle's house just for a simple dinner. As I was the only child in that family gathering, so I stayed alone with the tank of fishes. I put my hand on the glass of the tank and I counted 1-2-3, the fish had already reached about 3 cm ahead of my tiny little finger. I was amazed at that time. I shouted loudly, "Mummy, the fish is moving!" Everyone in the room looked at me strangely, their gaze had already implied I was stupid and they did not agree with me. That's true, the fish is moving all the time. I felt I was ten times smarter than they did. Adults seldom explore things as children do, since they don't have such patience.