* Chapter 1 - Looking back

Looking back, I wish I could be a tiny little baby constantly receiving mother's love. Remember that time, every time I left the apartment before school, everyone in my house always rushed towards me, asking me whether I have brought all the books and stationery; some checked whether my uniform was properly worn; especially my maid Dolly, she even gave me a goodbye kiss. Her soft lips touched my smooth and soft cheeks. I felt the warmth. Even though she isn't my mother, she could be my mother if she really loved me that much. Unlike my mother, she worked from morning till night, I even felt asleep when I was waiting for her return at night.

Looking back, I felt so sorry to my mom and myself. I was born in a broken family. I have never kissed my dad. He, according to my memory store, has never kissed me as well. Anyway, I felt like I was born from a Virgin Mary. In my eyes, my mum is always the innocent. I know it is my dad that broke my mom's heart. In the near and far future, I will keep standing in my mum's side, I will give my love, support and trust to her. As far as I remember, she is the one raising me, taking out money from her black leather purse unconditionally without worrying the amount. At the age of 9, I realized the importance of money to her; I tried to avoid shopping with her. Every time we walked pass Croco-Kids or Espirit for Kids, I reminded my mom that I didn't need to buy new clothes and stressed that I was satisfied with the ones I had in my wardrobe.

Looking back, ..