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Butterflies flew through Kyle's stomach as he crept into the cave that he had discovered in his backyard. The comfortable feeling he normally had was quickly replaced with cautiousness and curiosity as he stepped foot into the shadows of the cavern. A steady drip sounded like a firm beat in a song, caused by water escaping its captured way of travel and crashing against the stone ground. He stepped farther into the cavern.

He was surprised by how dark it had become just a small ways into the stone structure; the light from outside didn't seem to travel very far into it. Kyle pressed his hands against the cool stone, using the wall as a guideline, continuing to walk forward.

The narrow pathway that he had been moving down soon changed into a rounded room. Water had eroded the rough rock away, making for an oval shaped cover. The fourteen-year-old grinned broadly. His sister would be ecstatic when he showed her! She was horribly curious and her imagination would no doubt amuse her for hours after seeing the cave.

Excited to show his baby sister his discovery, Kyle started to run back out to the woods, but stopped when something caught his eye; something that was laying on the cave's floor. He hesitated, before pushing away from the cold wall and heading toward it, kneeling down.

In the shape of a raindrop, the small gem he had found was lightly glowing blue. He licked his lips before scooping it out of the thick dirt. A thin chain accompanied it, and he was surprised to find the silver looking brand new, not rusted. Almost like it had been purchased the day before.

Kyle ran his fingers along the jewel and grinned. He put the chain around his neck, allowing the necklace to lay against his chest. His sister would adore it. Kyle ran from the cave, dirt flying up from his shoes as he darted toward his large home.

He didn't yet notice the warmth that came from the necklace, nor did he note that the light glow brightened as he tucked it under his shirt, wanting his sister to be surprised. He wouldn't note either of those thing until later; until it was too late.

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