What Anger Is

Anger is more than just a feel,

It's like water that is boiling,

Not water…

No… it's blood.

What death continues

To deprive us of…

It's a lonely mask

We hide behind…

To make sure

That life is not sensed.

To make sure

We never live again…

It's a grasping, evil hand,

That deprives us

Of love and joy…

That wishes deeply

To destroy us

From the inside out.

It's a light that blinds us,

And makes us dumb.

It makes us stupid

And evilly so…

Driving away the good

For it's own evil show.

It's a murderer,

A homicidal crook.

A crook of life, that is.

A crook of all to be.

A crook that kills you

Enjoying every moment

That you fall into it's trap…

And pleed…

Once more that you

Can be free

From the turmoil it gives

But it's binding chains

Give you no silent mercy…