Stuck here in this bathroom stall
Far from memories that are happy
Writing songs like this so sappy
Wishing to be someone else
And anywhere but here
Crying of how close we were
And wishing you were near

And we're not the same as we were
Just so short ago
Laughing at our stupid jokes
And playing in imaginary snow
What happened to us?
I guess that we both grew up

Sit back, nostalgia is coming along
To knock me off my feet
With memories I wish could last
Come on, I'm begging
Just sit through this song
Then stay around awhile
And talk like we used to

Wishing you were here to hold me close
Like you did when we were eight
We knew nothing of the world then
And still everything we knew was great
Posh and Baby got along, remember?
But I guess not even they could
Keep it all together


And we're not the same anymore
Best friends we said we were
And best friends we were
Now all we've got are cheap likenesses
Like Bowling for Soup
And "superhot guys"
And we're both missing Warped Tour

Chorus (2x)
Let's talk like we used to
I'll sing like I used to
Let's just be like we used to