The Itsy Bitsy Spider By Adam Griem

The moon sat silently in the inky sky, reaching out with it's pale hue toward crown city. A man watched the moon. His faced glowed pale. He growled to himself. I his hands he held a baby's head.
Crown city was a place unlike any other. It was hell on earth. Huge gothic buildings stretched toward the seemingly always hazy sky like hands of twisted steel. The city's streets were alive with the dead. Taxi's littered the corners, no drivers to go with them. Cars drove on almost no fuel, moving slower than the stale breeze that whiffed around and through the many cracks of Crown City.
Flames danced like wild dogs, home in trashcans and the skeletons of cars. Trash nested by cracking curbsides and dying walls. People wandered aimlessly around, there lives as meaningless as the city. There were only a few that occupied the city with purpose.
Charles Stalk was the mayor of crown city. He was god among insects. He claimed crown city as his kingdom, his kingdom of dirt. Under his clean- cut exterior he was a bowling kettle of black venom bent on fulfilling sexual urges and greed. On the outside he was tall and handsome. He had dark eyes that pierced people's souls. His hair was black and slicked back with a goatee to match. He wore black suits with pin stripes. Always looking like the business ma, like a devil with a purpose.
He sat on the highest floor of Heart tower. Heart tower was the center of Crown City. Stalk owned the building. It, like everything, was part of his iron grip hold. He sat in his office, his pants off and his legs propped up on his messy desk. In front of him, in the center of the room, was a twelve-year-old girl. She was tied to a chair. Tears gleamed off her cheeks. Stalk watched her budding breasts as her chest heaved from sobbing. Stalk stroked himself, took a swig of his vodka and stood up.
She stared at the top floor of Heart Tower. She knew what he was doing. It made her sick. She touched the handle of her Katana to reassure herself. She hoped her sword would shine with Stalk's blood before the night was up.
Her name was Spider. She had gotten the name the same day she was shunned from her village in Africa. She didn't know why or how but she could do things like no one else. She didn't stick to walls. She wasn't a big magnet. She didn't do anything except walk up to vertical surfaces and walk along them. She would place a foot or hand on the surface and gravity would reverse so the surface was suddenly the floor. She had discovered it at age eighteen. She had been swimming in a river and went to kick off the side when she was suddenly standing on the side. Two days later she had no place to call home.
Spider walked up to Heart tower and stepped up onto the wall. She began to walk. She had to watch her step as she traveled. She didn't want to step through a window. As she walked her thoughts wandered. They wandered back to a time long ago. When she came to Crown City.
Three days into wandering she collapsed. They found her and gave her water. They were white men. Spider remembered herself feeling frightened but at the same time gracious to the fact that they had saved her. She told them of her ability. As she looked back on it she wished she had kept quiet. Her saviors were part of a traveling circus. They were 'recruiting.' Spider was recruited.
She spent five years in the circus. At first it had been bearable. Then the white men got greedy. They grew more corrupt each day, and each day they got meaner. That is, until she left. She snuck onto a ship heading to America, heading to Crown city.
Spider stopped right before the big window of Stalk's office. She carefully, and silently, crept onto the glass. She saw him, his tall self, on the girl. Rage flew through Spider's veins. In the circus she had met a Chinese man. He was physically frail but strong in spirit. He was Spider's only friend. He taught her Martial arts, sword fighting, meditation and the most important tool she had. Controlling her emotions.
She felt herself calling upon her training and what she had learned as she watched Stalk hurt the girl. Lighting tore across the blackening sky. Spiders shadow from the bright flash erupted in the room like and explosion. Stalk turned to the window. Spider took a deep breath. It was show time.
She jumped up and slammed down hard. She shattered through the glass. Suddenly she felt dizzy. She flew parallel to the floor. Her power was struggling to make a decision. She watched as Stalk dived out of the way. She saw the little girl fall over. She was Asian. Stalk had a thing for Asian's. Not for long though. As Spider rushed toward the far wall of the office she noticed a light switch. Her target. She drew out her sword and prepared to strike. As she landed she drove the sword deep into the light switch. The room was blanketed in dark.
Stalk made noises like an animal as he stumbled around in the dark. Spider reached up and pulled down a pair of night vision goggles that had rested on her forehead. The room was plunged into a lime green. Stalk was transformed into a jade silhouette. Spider slowly slid her sword back into her sheath. She slowly and quietly cart wheeled down onto the floor. She looked at Stalk.
He moved as he heard her move. He tried to pinpoint her location. He took cover behind the girl. Spider approached him slowly. He stopped moving. She watched him tense up. She heard his slow breathing. A grin crept upon her face as she realized something. Charles Stalk was afraid.
She came around the little girl and right hooked Stalk. His head snapped left and he fell. She was on him like lightning. He growled and tried to grab her. She fought of his defense and backhanded him. In the moment of surprise she flipped him over and wrapped her arm around his neck.
"You die tonight Stalk," She whispered. She held on with all her might as he fought to throw her off him.
" . .seems," Stalk growled. He started to chuckle. The hair on Spider's neck stood up. She reached back to grab her sword.
There was a snap, followed by a pop. Spider gasped as she watched Stalk dislocate his shoulder. Outside, lightning flashed again. Inside, Spider screamed as her retinas burned. She cursed herself as she realized she hadn't thought about the lightning and night vision. She let go of Stalk and clawed at her face. Stalk's arm bent backwards. His elbow joint stretched out and reversed. Spider felt his hand grasp her by the chin. Spider realized Stalk had bent his arm around her head. The last thing she remembered before Stalk snapped her neck was the crying little girl.
Ladies and City,