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As soon as the bell rang, hundreds of students came milling out of the dreary classrooms, laughing and cheering among themselves. An Asian girl was the last one to exit her AP College Prep Medical Studies classroom, or so she thought.

"Salutations, Moonie," someone murmured in her ear. Marzipan recognized the male voice and stopped abruptly, her black skirt swirling around her legs. She set her leather briefcase down and adjusted her burgundy blazer. The lean figure backed off into the shadows of the fading light, chuckling. "Miss me?"

"Oh, please, Joshie. Are you really that intimidated by me? Come out where I can see you." She turned around, finding Joshua facing inches away from her nose. A small gasp came out from her lips. His black eyes burned into her matching ones. He reached into his pocket from his military-style cloak and took out a small red envelope. Without breaking eye contact, he placed it in her small hand, which was lying limp by her side.

"What's this?" She asked, breaking her eye contact nervously. Joshua nonchalantly fingered her dangling earring. Her head snapped back up. "I'm not free on Friday, you know." He smiled, leaning towards her icy face. "You are now." ***

"Rosie, honestly! What took you so long? We've been waiting here for about ten minutes. What's that?" Her best friend, Maroon, reached over and snatched the red envelope. "Hey!" Rosario protested. Her four other friends gathered around the letter curiously.

" 'Moonie,'" Maroon started to read out loud.

"Don't read it! It's private. Oh, what the hell." Rosario threw her hands up in the air. Maroon smirked, her curly red hair fluttering about as she dramatically read the letter.

" 'You know you can't say no this time. Meet me at the 'Ballroom Underground' at six. You know what to wear. Don't turn me down this time.'" Maroon clutched her chest in a dramatic pose, while the others pretended to faint around her. Rosario groaned, rolling her eyes. She reminded herself for the billionth time. But she didn't mind that much.

"'Truly yours,'" and here Maroon took a deep breath, " 'Joshua Wu'". She held out the letter and Rosario grabbed it, her face burning.

"Maroon, you are going to regret this," she said through clenched teeth. Thanks to Maroon's brilliant acting and the enthusiastic participation of the rest of her group, a crowd of curious schoolmates was gathered around them. Sukie and Leesa took the liberty to shoo them off, while Rosario stood clutching her face.

"Aw, come on, Rosie. We all know that you liked the attention. Let's go to your house and pick an outfit for tonight." Leesa put her arm around Marzipan and the rest of the group walked to her house, which was ten minutes away.

"What? I am not going to meet Mr. Arrogant Smart Ass Pretty Boy tonight!" Rosario protested.

"Oh, come on! That guy has been pestering you ever since the first day of school! Give him a chance."

Maroon snorted at Sukie's comment and said, "You know, he must really like you. The Ballroom Underground? That's probably the ritziest place I've ever been to! Expensive stores, expensive what is up with that 'ballroom' as they call it? Is it actual ballroom dancing? Christ." ***