In the Library...

By: A.S.H.

Chapter 2: The Angel

Disclaimer: I own them all! ::giggle:: ^^

As Tina stood in front of the angel, she closed her eyes. 'It's a dream Tina,' she

closed her eyes tighter, 'Wake up!' Tina opened her eyes and saw the angel still there.

Shock took hold of all her senses and she screamed. The angel doubled over and Tina

tried to run for her door, but she fell.

'Clumsy idiot!' she yelled to herself, 'Get up!' But she could feel that she hurt her

bad ankle and bit her lip to hold back the tears. She crawled to the door, but realized she

wouldn't be able to stand. She punched the door hard so as to wake her mother and

grandmother. She screamed out in pain as she shifted her weight to get closer to the door,


Tina closed her eyes and cried furiously, "MOM! GRANDMA!" Then Tina felt

something fall on her foot. She looked back and saw a large white feather on her ankle.

She stared up and saw the angel. The angel smiled and bent down, folding in his wings,

and lightly touched Tina's ankle.

'Why is he helping me?' Tina locked her eyes with the angel and saw that they

were an amazing shade of green. His hair was blonde, and it reached his shoulders. It

looked so beautiful and so soft. He had to be at least six feet tall. His clothing was

normal, a sleeve less shirt and a pair of faded jeans with holes in the legs and knees.

"I'm going to help," the angel whispered.

Tina froze hearing the beautiful voice of the angel. She kept very still as the angel

placed his hand on her ankle.

"What's your name?" the angel smiled looking down at the ankle.


"Mine's Michael," the angel moved his hand away and the feather was gone.

"What did you do?" Tina sat up and noticed that there was no more pain in her

ankle, "I... uh..."

"So, now that you've summoned me, what is it that you wish?" Michael stood up

and offered Tina his hand.

"What do you mean?" Tina stood up on her own.

"You filled that name with your blood correct?" Michael looked over at the book,

"You filled in the name Nyd Lapis Lazuli, right?"

Tina fumbled her words, "I didn't... well, I guess... but the book must have...

Argh! Now I'm really confused!"

"Here," the angel floated over to the bed and picked up the book. He flipped to

the back and there was Tina's blood, dried in the cracks of the name.

"Impossible," Tina grabbed the book away from Michael and tried to scratch the

blood out, but it was as if it was part of the inside of the cover now.

"See?" Michael sat on Tina's bed, "I am now your servant until you fulfill the


"What contract?"

"The one on the fourth page," Michael turned the pages back to the beginning and

there was the blank page, then the one where his picture used to be, then "The Principles

of Conflict" page, and then there it was, all the fine print!

"I see," Tina scanned the page and it read like a basic contract: "If this happens,

then you must...", "You are responsible...", et cetera. Tina looked at the bottom and saw

a dried spot of blood with her name (in her writing) next to it.

"So," Michael stood up and unfolded his wings a bit, "what do you want to do?"

"Huh?" Tina closed the book.

"It says in your contract, you get an unlimited amount of wishes, do you want to

make one now?" Michael took the book from Tina and opened it to the fifth page. He

fanned out his wings and they knocked over a few pictures and a lamp by Tina's night


"Well the first wish is easy..." Tina pointed to Michael's wings.

"Sorry," Michael folded his wings in, "it's not really a wish. I can make my wings

disappear whenever."

"Well, let's make it a rule, no wings in the house, or in public places where

people can see them. I don't want to be put into the nut house cause you wanna stretch


"Ok," Michael stared down at the book and showed it to Tina, "it's writing down

your rules, and wishes as we speak."

"Cool," Tina smiled as magically words were written down without a pen, or


Michael closed the book and smiled. Tina smiled back but deep in her mind she

was panicking, 'Why is he so nice? And why is he in my room? Shouldn't he disappear

or something?'

"Tina?" Michael frowned, "Where do I stay?"

Tina sighed and thought if her mother or grandmother were to see him, they'd kill

him. Tina shrugged, "I don't know, if there was only some way to make my mother and

grandmother get out of the house."

"Why have them leave when you could just wish for them to understand?"

Michael walked towards the door.

"Oh yeah," Tina hit her head, "of course. Michael..." But as she looked at the

door, Michael was gone. Tina opened the door and saw Michael by her mother's door.

She whispered, "Michael, what are you doing?"

"This is your mother's room right?" Michael placed his hand on the door.

"Yes!" Tina tugged on Michael's wing, "What are you doing?!"

"I'm granting your wish," Michael pulled a feather from his wing and placed it

under his hand, "Nyd Lapis Lazuli, hear me and grant this wish." Suddenly the door

glowed brightly and Tina turned away. When the light faded Michael slowly walked past

Tina and went down the stairs.

"Hold on!" Tina walked down behind Michael, "You can't!"

"Why?" Michael stopped in the kitchen, "Isn't this your wish?"

"Yes," Tina mentally hit herself for responding without thinking.

"Then let me finish," Michael went down the other flight of stairs, "I'll be back in

a minute."

Tina huffed and sat at the kitchen table. She rested her head on her arms and let

her hair fall onto her face.

'Oy, this makes me so tired,' Tina closed her eyes.


When Tina woke up she sprung from her bed onto the floor. She ran into the

hallway and went downstairs. She stopped in the kitchen and saw Michael making


"What are you doing?" Tina clenched her fists because she had thought it was a


"Your cousin is making us breakfast dear," Tina's grandmother called from

behind her newspaper.

"Cousin?" Tina put her face into her hands and inhaled deeply.

"Yes, he's here until his parents get back from Europe," Tina's mother set her

coffee down, "So did you finish your essay?"

"I didn't type it, but that shouldn't bring me down too much." Tina sat down at

the table, "So is Michael going to school too?"

"He should," Tina's grandmother set the paper down as Michael sat a plate in

front of her, "I mean, life isn't all fun and games Michael dear."

"I know," Michael sighed, "I'll go."

'Dear God, why did I open my big mouth?' Tina slammed her head onto the table.

When everyone was done with breakfast Tina trudged slowly upstairs, "Why


"So are you ready for school?" Michael called from behind Tina.


"Alright, I'll be waiting in the living room for you! And also I typed your report

for you! It's on your bed." Michael turned around and went downstairs.

"What?!" Tina ran into her room and saw the typed report and even some

corrections that she missed. Tina smiled and sighed, 'I guess it's not so bad.'

As Tina brushed her wet hair and thought about how to style it. She brushed it all

into a ponytail and put a scrunchi into her hair. She pulled it tight and smoothed out her

blouse and jeans. She smiled at her reflection, 'Blonde, blue eyes, five foot eight, slender

and if I may say very beautiful!' Tina pulled out her lip gloss and quickly applied it and

grabbed her bag. Before leaving she did a last minute check and ran downstairs.