A/N: Okay, let's get some warnings out of the way. There is implied sex
and bisexuality run rampant through here. It's a bit graphic without
actually saying anything. Please review.

High Top Freckled Face Girl

Wake up!
You've been stood up
Ha, the truth is dawning now
Slam the phone and count the days
to your missing pretty boy
Scream a thousand curses
to mutilate his name
But don't forget to curse that flaky heart of yours
that sways to boyish charm
Go on for hours
and just forget about the night
with its parties
Please stay in tonight

Just don't show at my door

I can't ignore your swirling hips
as you dance in falling rain
I can barely hold when you scream my name
as if I were the first
and not the back up virgin to be the trophy on your arm
Maybe the stares and whispers have no effects on you
but I still have eyes and ears
Pretty girl
with the
green eyed
freckle faced
high topped
short stuff
girl next door
with the grass stains across her knees

Just don't be at my door

But there you go
Drive through the dark pouring nights
that follow your abandonment
and scream at me from my yard
but never at the door
Twirl and laugh
sway your hips
and beckon me forward
Protests die upon gasping lips
while I stare
wide eyed
mouth open
high topped
sweat sopped
in the muggy closing day

Don't come to my door

So drag me out
into the rain
because you love the way I move
Drag me outto the clubs
despite the way I'm dressed
High topped
cut offs
tank topped
and finally soaking wet
But you whisper of temptations
and again the protests die

And the door slams closed behind us

Your eyes shine something dark
Sadistic hunger in pushing need
and knocking fills the air
Knocking over picture frames
and tripping over shoes
And clothes as they're discarded
Slippery lipped against husky gasps
and then I'm lying down
Back arched
faced up
hair across the sheets
Pretty girl
with the
green eyed
sweat sopped
little one
who only answers yes
And again you scream my name
'cuz I'm your little virgin
the trophy on your arm
you're stunning little back up
that you bring for show and tell
And I'm loving over minute

Door's been locked for hours

Caressed burning flesh
in a careless fascination
Tangled sheets and roaming hands
but the night is well away
Run a kiss about my neck
and slide across my thigh
before clothes are found and fitted
and I am made to dress
High topped
tight top
and skirt about my knees
Your eyes travel as I cover stiffly
still hot from lingered pangs
And I sit for a lasting kiss
where you murmur out my name
sweet tasting
breath taking
slave making
But as you pull away
you whisper only love

And the door shuts soft behind you

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