Normrak's Interview, Take One

Author (Shelle): Welcome all of you readers! And thank you for your questions. Unfortunately, Raina was not able to have an interview due to lack of questions, but Normrak got quite a lot! Some questions are repeated, so I'll only ask those once and in order by the first person who asked the question and so on. Now, I'll give you credit for these questions as so I'm not the one that gets hit when Normrak comes in and has to answer these questions. Remember, I didn't create him, I just brought him to life!

(Enter Normrak, stage left…or right…or wherever he feels like entering! ^^; Normrak sits in the chair across from Shelle)

Shelle: Alright, Normrak, let's get this interview started! We'll start with the first person, shall we? First question is by Devin. She asks…."Will you marry me?" (Shelle speaks directly to the audience) Of course, he's not going to marry you until he marries me which will be the 36th of Never. ^^;;

Normrak: What do you think?

Shelle: I'll take that as a definite 'no'! Sorry, Devin…^^; I would have liked to marry him too. Now to the next question by the next person. This question is by Cryptic Insanity, who seems to have three people in her head to ask these questions! ^^ (Fun!) The first person wants to know: What happened to you when you were a little kid? Whom died, that you were too late? Eep, well I can't let Normrak answer this because that might ruin the entire plot of the story! Sorry, now let's go on the the second person, who wants to know: Do you love your wife?

Normrak: Idiot. Did I marry her?

Shelle: Ah, but why did you marry her? For all I know, you could have married her so you could make it illegal for her to have sex with other people! Eh…(Shelle suddenly sprouts an anime sized sweatdrop) I didn't mean it. Don't hurt me! Ah, now for the third person in Cryptic's mind. Person Three wants to know: Can you make me a vampire!

Normrak: There's no question mark on that. I don't need to answer that.

Shelle: (shakes her head) Alright, sorry about that. I guess that's a 'no'. Either way, he'd have to make me a vampire first! Ah, vampires…(Shelle sighs) If only I were one…(Shelle coughs) Anyway, to the next person! This question is by Bitter Smiles, and she wants to know "What turned you in to an unfeeling jerk?" This question is one hundred percent credited to HER, and not me, by the way! -_-;

Normrak: Step closer and ask that, (Normrak has clenched fists)

Shelle: (Shelle backs up in her chair) So far, Normrak has successfully avoided answering all the questions! Wow, what will he do next? Let's see…Bitter Smiles also wanted to know what's making you so tense and about that letter than Kander wrote.

Normrak: —

Shelle: (interrupts before Normrak can say anything) I'm sorry, but I can't allow him to answer that question either because it's important to the story. I doubt he would have answered it anyway. He probably would have skillfully avoided it as he's been doing with all the other questions. Now, next question is by NightBlossom, and NightBlossom wants to know why you are so abusive to Raina. I believe that I'm the only one that really knows the answer, by the way…with exception of you, of course.

Normrak: I don't need to answer your petty questions.

Shelle: Normrak, answer SOMETHING! (Shelle sighs) Well, Normrak's being stubborn, and I'm sorry if he hasn't answered your question very well…He's not in a good mood right now because I won't let him kiss Raina!

Normrak: *growl*

Shelle: Eep! I take that back. Uh, let's go to the next question now, shall we? ^^; This abundance of questions is by Devin. Again. We'll start with the first one. How are you?

Normrak: This is an interview. Not a conversation.

Shelle: (sighs) Well, it seems that he's successfully avoided that question too. Let's just go onto the next question that Devin asked. She asks "What is your favorite color?"

Normrak: Guess, damn it.

Shelle: Well, since he won't say, I'll tell ya'll 'cause I know this one! It's black, of course. Just like the color of my computer in my room. All nice and black…Eh, well, next Devin question, shall we? She asks "What kind of music do you like?"

Normrak: I don't need music.

Shelle: I know this one too! Basically, he'll listen to what I listen to because he has no other choice. And I like to listen to AFI, so he listens to AFI. Yup, that he does. Now, next question—

Normrak: What is the point of these questions,

Shelle: There is no point! These are the fun questions that you have to answer, or I'll answer for you—

Normrak: Is this, or is this not, my interview?

Shelle: Of course it's your interview! But if you won't answer the questions and stop being so stubborn, then I'll just have to answer them for you. NOW, next question. Devin also wants to know "What is your middle name?"

Normrak: I don't have one.

Shelle: That's right! Odd though it is, he has no middle name! Now, next question: "When is your birthday?"

Normrak: Why do you want to know?

Shelle: Maybe she just wants to stalk you! 'Cause I do! And I'm sure a bunch of other readers would too if they had the chance, (looks at readers) isn't that right? ^^; Now, since he won't answer, his birthday is November 13th. We'll go to the next question now: "What is your shoe size?"

Normrak: …

Shelle: Hm, that's one I don't know. Well, let's see! (jumps out of the chair and kneels in front of Normrak. Shelle lifts his foot and looks at the size at the bottom of his shoe before Normrak kicks her back into the chair) Ouch. (Holds her stomach for a minute) Well, his shoe size is 11 Mens! And he's wearing black tennis shoes with one white stripe at the toe. Isn't that nice? Now, we'll continue to Devin's NEXT question, which is: "What is your favorite season?"

Normrak: Autumn. Enough of the idiotic questions. (Normrak gets up to leave, but Shelle stands up and clings to Normrak's legs)

Shelle: You're not going anywhere until this interview is done, Normrak, or I'll NEVER let you kiss Raina!

Normrak: *growl*

Shelle: Now sit down. (Unclings from Normrak and sits in her chair again, straightening out the papers with all the questions on it)

Normrak: (Sits down, growling)

Shelle: Next question! Still by Devin, and she also wants to know whether you're ticklish or not!

Normrak: …

Shelle: As a matter of fact, he is! Very ticklish on his feet, and it's funny to see him laugh! Of course, he'll kick you away before you can do anything, which hurts, but it's still funny! Now, last Devin question states "What is your favorite animal?"

Normrak: I have none. Enough. I will not take anymore of these stupid questions.

Shelle: Alright, alright. Devin's question and answer period is over. Besides, I don't have anymore of her questions to ask! Now there are three questions by Ski1118. Her first question was already asked and answered, so we will have to go right down to her second one which is "What do you think of Feral?", and she also wants to know if you want kids of your own someday. Hm...That IS an interesting question.

Normrak: *growl* I can't have kids, idiot.

Shelle: You still didn't answer the first question! What do you think of Feral? Oh, and she didn't ask if you wanted to HAVE kids, she wanted to know if you WANTED kids.

Normrak: I think nothing of no one.

Shelle: Well, that explains a lot. He thinks nothing! ^^;

Normrak: *growl* (Normrak stand up, and Shelle shakes her papers at him)

Shelle: You sit back down! Or I'll write something horrible about you!

Normrak: *growl…again*

Shelle: Good, good. Now, her third question is "How does it feel to be feard by pretty much the entire vampire population?"

Normrak: Only vampire? *grunt*

Shelle: We all know that you're feared by slayers and human too, Normrak. (Shelle sighs) She also wants to know how you feel about being the best out there. Oh no…here comes his ego…

Normrak: *smirk*

Shelle: …Or not. Well, anyway, that last questions are from Flying Blind. And Flying Blind wants to know something that cannot be known to the reading population right now because it shall be revealed later! Maybe in the next chapter, maybe in the last, but it will eventually be revealed. A question that I CAN ask the she asked is "Why do you treat your wife like that even when it shows your heart isn't in it?"

Normrak: *growl* *glare*

Shelle: Well, unless I get some last minute questions within the reviews for chapter…eight I think it is, I can't exactly continue this review any longer! But while I'm still in the same place as Normrak, and writing myself in, I'll do something fun. (Jumps onto Normrak's back as he was walking away, and stays there)

Normrak: *growl* (Normrak pushes Shelle off, and she leeches onto him again)

Shelle: Yup, he's my character alright! (Gets pushed off of Normrak again) Ah…I'll miss him when the stories finished….

Normrak: … *glare* (Shelle clings to him and curtains close)

(…Lights dim and sounds fades.)