"Fate Controls Traffic"

What part of life can call to me?

What can lead me forward?

I am museless, as said

previously, and my path is so

unclear. Fate offers so many

possibilities – positive, negative,

is there really such a thing

as neutrality? I don't think

so, at least not often.

Life is so much more than

two roads diverging

in the wood… both are equally

trodden, and today it's

more like a four-lane

highway – in heavy traffic,

naturally. It's a super-highway

of artificial colors and flavoring,

and it's top speed (when there

isn't a five mile back up

due to a jack-knifed tractor

trailer and rubber necking).

You can never go in reverse

in bumper-to-bumper traffic…

or in life.

So if I stand museless,

I suppose I guide myself…

I'm the one responsible for

my happiness and that of

those attached to me. They

can control fate as well

as I can, there should

be someone with their

feet on the ground.

If life isn't going to call,

I won't sit and wait. I'm

tired of living by everyone's

standards, it's my turn to

laugh, and it's my turn to get

something out of life…

I'll be damned if I miss it.