Rap Intellectualized: 50 Cent "P.I.M.P."

I am unsure as to whether or not my reputation has reached you
But a woman of questionable temperament is not able to retrieve currency
from my possession
Without a fancy automobile or a particular hairstyle, it is unlikely that
you will notice
That I am a man who procures women of loose morals for the sexual services
of other men, and that I also engage in sexual relations with my own mother
(It is suggested that the preceeding lines be repeated currently)

Presently, a woman is within a gentleman's club dancing exotically for
It is well known that she enjoys material possessions of only the highest
class of manufacturing
The aforementioned lady will coyly attract men, and for this do they supply
her salary
Meanwhile, I bypass men of lesser integrity and she is duly impressed
Within the hour, we will be occupying a room within a Ramada hotel
Other African-Americans whisper in her ears that she occupies their
I, however, stand next to her near where beverages are served, offering to
pay for her refreshments
She enjoys my clothing, she is attracted to my mouth curling upwards, and
she is enthralled by my vocalizations
She spent her childhood up in a rural area, and believes that she is
enamored with me for the reason that I was raised in the city of New York
I am not an African-American who is talking with her for the purpose of
being fellated later
I am an African-American who is currently conversing with her in the hopes
of being fed in the future
It makes no difference to me how adept she is sexually
Woman, come, allow me to take you out, and later you may reward me
Allow me to explain my methods in a simple manner, which you seem unable to
If you plan on causing trouble for me, then you plan on troubling a man who
watches over several women of questionable nocturnal habits

(I ask that you take this time to review the chorus before we continue to
the second verse)

I care simply for my payment, madam, but you may still converse with me
But if you are untrue with me, know that I supply prostitutes for available
I do not conform to stereotypes of my profession, I do not own a Cadillac
Nor is my hair unkempt. Lady, I tell you truthfully, I simply barter
sluttish women
I do have a proposition for you, I will hire you if you wish to know more
Of the sensations involved with being associated with a man of my trade
Have sexual intercourse with me in the rear of my automobile, or view
television stations
From the previously-mentioned area of my vehicle, for I ply loose ladies
We could uncork bottles of the finest French champagne and share a
wonderful moment
We could acknowledge that we live an upper class lifestyle and have all the
amenities that come with it
We would be allowed to frivolously spend our assets at a commercial
shopping center
If you are ever in need, I assure you that I am reliable
Should you ever metaphorically stumble, I will metaphorically be by your
side to right you
Should you have troubles, I urge you to rely on me, not pertaining to the
degree of your troubles
The African-American you are currently associated with can promise you none
of this
I am your companion, your fatherly figure, and confidant, woman

(It is advisable that you peruse the chorus at your earliest opportunity)

I have explained to you foolish people before, I never go beyond doubles
I keep for myself a stylish mode of transportation with post-factory
modifications, and jewelry
I will often confuse women with my manner of speaking to them
The woman in question will often sport cheap footwear while mine is crafted
from the hide of an alligator
When I am in the mood to purchase small mammals, I find that their price is
reduced in the summer months
I assure you that you may clam my current significant other, for once I
have used her, I have no plans on continuing our relationship
Women will come and pass, it is a fact known to all African-Americans who
lend women to customers
It is not secretive information, and as such, it is unnecessary to remain
quiet about it
I have such control over my current girlfriend that I could order her to
remove her garments in public view
However, should you slander my other female associates, I am afraid I will
have to physically harm you
Nik, one such of my women, is reliable in that she always supplies money to
support my lifestyle
But after her last client, she required urgent medical attention
I will not help her pay her medical bill, my women may not spend my money
For I require four large television, in addition to six AMGs
My women of the night allow me to live a classy life, but I do not pay them
in return
They simply make the proper arrangements and perform acts of oral sex.
Defecation, sexual acts

(I beseech you that you expound upon the chorus presently)

The old Hollywood adage is as follows; "There is no business like show
Yet in the ghetto, the adage is termed as "There is no business like whore
business." Can you comprehend?
It has come to my realization that I pronounce my words quickly, but if you
attend just as rapidly
Then it will be unnecessary for me to slow me speech to allow you to
understand my words
I laugh
Yes, I do