A Death On The Road

She threw her feelings at the wall
Innocent blues and greens sliding over the tiles
Until sharp silver added splashes of red
To her morbid rainbow

She ran out side
Away from the accusing colour scheme
Reviling in rain soaked gray
Wrapping her self in the muted darkness
(Spilled from the 'Roaring-Creatures'
With glowing yellow eyes)
Iridescent on the pebbled black

Red turns to rusty brown
Staining freckled pink
Damp green cushioned her fall
As more warm red
(Black in the half-light)
Blotted out the oily stain

Ebony curls
Rest on stony skid marked gray
As glowing yellow-red invades
Her fading quilt of shadows
The colours behind her hazel eyes
Are already black

'Must have been another junkie.'
They shook their heads
Proud in their blue uniforms


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